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    My father has been collecting blow molds and decorating my house since 1986. Since I was a little kid my father and I would always decorate the house the week of thanksgiving. The lights would always turn on the day after Thanksgiving. Now that I am getting older I do most of the decorating on the house however my father still helps out. Its a tradition that I will continue for the rest of my life and then one day pass on to my son.
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    College Student
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    My father and I have about 250 blow molds and other decorations.

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  1. Excellent job this year fp. Looked even better in person
  2. Think this is one I saw on ebay earlier this morning for $1000. Not positive. Congrats on the find
  3. Sorry to hear that. Besides having security cameras a cheaper way could be sensors. Security cameras are nice however you will never catch the person in the midst of the act. Last year we caught 3 people attempting to steal from our display. The sensors work great. I have several sensors that cover my property and once you step foot on ita an alarm goes of on a monitor within my house. The person doesn't even know the alarm is going off and within seconds we run outside and catch them. Definitely look into it. It's ashame we have to go through this trouble but it happens. Sorry again
  4. You can order replacement wings through general foam
  5. Thank you all for the comments. We were very happy with the new layout.
  6. Will post some daytime pictures later in the week!
  7. Hey all- Finally was able to get some nighttime pictures of our 2013 display. This year we did a half circle pathway and made our nativity set the focal point of the display. We are always trying to switch it up; however, its hard when you have very little room to work with. I also try to keep my blow molds in scenes. Gingerbread, snowman villlage, reindeer, elves, choir, penguins, disney, etc. This year we used just about 300 molds and still have roughly 100+ that are in storage. We hope you enjoy the display this year and would love to hear your feedback/suggestions. Enjoy and have a great Christmas! Please click the link below or copy and paste it in your browser. http://s1196.photobucket.com/user/westislipxmas/library/Christmas%202013
  8. Looks great. Nice collection of molds in such a short period of time. Next year will easily double. Keep it up
  9. I've never had any issue with them tipping over. I use cable and run it through the neck and tail of the reindeer and the Santa sleigh. Very sturdy and secures
  10. Look forward to seeing your xmas display this year...You got a lot of nice hauls over the past year
  11. Does anyone know what I can use as a motor and how to construct it. Thanks.
  12. I figured I would just post the pics. Thanks again
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