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    Easley SC
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    I am a 31 yr divorced guy with an 8 yr old little girl. We have been putting up lights now for 6 yrs now and i am always looking for new ideas.
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    Working out at the gym and building new things
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    unemployed at the time
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    we have a little over 40,000 lights now and every yr we add more. We added a new 25 ft c-7 tree this yr with a star on top. We have two pole mounts we made, a christmas tree and a candy cane. We are plaing on making two more for next yr and want to make a ferris wheel, yoyo swings and maybe a music fest...For kinda like a santa's fair type thing.
  1. I have some question before i call the electrician, I Have No more space in my power box's for anymore outlets. I live in a Mobile home so the outside box i have 6 20amp breakers and 4 in the box in the house. I have no more room. I Am Maxed out. What do I do to add more outlets...I was told about a Subpannel. I dont know anything about this? Any ideas before I get my guy out here??? Thank you so much Allen
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