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    My Display is mostly blowmolds. I also have many inflatables, wireframes, a few cut-outs, and lots of lights. 2008 I am adding a bit of computer control.

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  1. This is the only picture I have of him. There is that version and a white coat one as well.
  2. if you look bottom row all 3rd mold from the left is a Union Santa Snowman.
  3. Santa with the Teddy bear, Holiday Joy bear, Promo Elf, Promo Jr. Snowman, Halloween Totem Pole,Halloween Bear, both Haunted Houses, and C5160 Caroler Assortment are missing as well.
  4. also missing is the Penguin in the Igloo
  5. The big santas best Candy cane, and The Brown Christmas Cub and Teddy Bear are also M.I.A
  6. When i picked up my snowlady, she had something in her like dirt or mud. I kept pumping water into threw the bottom hole until it loosened up and starting coming out.
  7. Looks like a wireframe with that tinsel looking stuff on it.
  8. I have that set but your appear to be missing the antlers. Nice find for that price. I paid $62 just for the sleigh this year.
  9. Mhmm, but I'm pretty sure hers are the smaller ones.
  10. The wreath looks like TPI, but the Sax Santa I can't tell.
  11. The Santa's Workshop elf is still being made today but his boots are green now. That one has better contrast in my eyes. The Snowman is a Grand Venture. Walmart had him many years back for $19.99. Grand Venture is no longer around but that snowman is, but being made by a different company. I dont think his price is too bad, could be better tho.
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