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  1. RIP John...

    1. qberg


      That is a sad one...he was a big influence on a lot of us when I got into this hobby many years ago...praying for his family.

    2. BamaSanta


      Just read this and really hated to hear it. He will truly be missed in this community of Planet Christmas. He was a man who truly loved Christmas. Godspeed John.

    3. TED


      I was just thinking the other day that I couldn't remember seeing any recent posts from him.  I wondered how he was doing because he had posted a while back about having some kind of lung problem.  I sure hate to hear that he passed on.  His posts were always cheerful despite his many health issues.  I'll miss reading them and seeing the pictures of his displays.


  2. Merry Christmas to all!!!

  3. Last year Sears marked their remaining stuff down 90% on Sunday 1/20. Maybe it will be on the 19th this year
  4. The 2 x 4 were not attached to the roof, they just layed there. These were heavier pressure treated 2 x 4s. Also, I painted the 2 x 4, that you would see from the front, black.
  5. I attached my reindeer by wrapping wire around their metal stand and attaching that to 2x4s. 2x4s weren't heavy enough!
  6. Still need to figure out how to take night time photos
  7. I would change nothing, and keep adding each year as I do now
  8. Little known fact, Santa's list has names on both sides! lol
  9. Watch yourself, there's still 8 days until Christmas!!!
  10. Although I'm not to sure about the nice list!
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