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    am a fun loving person...love to meet people from other cultures
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    travelling writing, music, dancing
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    I love decorations, givining gifts and being with family at christmas

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  1. Definitely just amazing and mind blowing....So beautiful to behold and greatly put together. I,m just loving it http://www.legendarychristmasideas.com
  2. I second that. This is an awesome site i must say. I ,m really having lots of fun in here http://www.legendarychristmasideas.com
  3. Wow........that was so mind blowing..very beautiful i must say
  4. I wouldn't exactly say it was depression. Mine was a case of loneliness. I never felt this alone for any christmas before. With my family on the other side of the world. http://www.legendarychristmasideas.com
  5. I,m so moved to tears. I recently lost an old friend to ovarian cancer. I pray that God will have mercy on your brother and that he also bless his family with peace at this time http://www.legendarychristmasideas.com
  6. Hmmmm what is this menu called? Looks like something I might want to try out soon http://www.legendarychristmasideas.com
  7. Great..Finally got the recipee for my all time favorite bars. Going to try it out http://www.legendarychristmasideas.com
  8. Gosh this years snow is something else. I guess its all adds up to the fun anyway http://www.legendarychristmasideas.com
  9. Those were really terrific..I loved every bit of it.....Wichita is the place to be. :giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle: http://www.legendarychristmasideas.com
  10. vanni

    Six Words

    The snow storm in the north east this was quit alarming..I can imagine the extend of damages it brought to sooo many outdoor decorations http://www.legendarychristmasideas.com
  11. beautiful lights and decorations you have there...Its a great sight to behold
  12. I had a very wonderful christmas this 2009 and i,m grateful to God for that
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