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    Columbus, Ohio
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    Obsessed about Christmas lights
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    Computer controlling Christmas lights.
    Making Buckeyes, and brownies for tailgating!
    Cheering on the Ohio State Buckeyes(Brutus, Band, and of course the football team).
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    Work At Home, Stay at home Mom, Computer Geek
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    I was able to start after 2 years of begging my husband for a light controller. Just started with 16 channel Light-O-Rama controller with 8000 lights in a mega tree. I alternated the Red, White, and Green lights on the tree. We didn't really know what we were doing at first but now have a new respect for mega trees. For our first try it is not bad however we now realize that maxing out the number of sets of lights on each channel WILL make the lights in the house dim in time with the tree.

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