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  1. So question. After all the money and time I have spent on these LOR controller boxes (ie. soldering) and so forth my husband feels it would be okay to just put them in plastic storage bins to keep them dry and secure. Any other suggestions for security for an open acre yard with no little to no trees close to the display items, or should I just use most of all of my SPT2 cord and keep the boxes in the garage about 100 feet away? All I know is those hooligans("GRINCHES") will have to spend more time trying to get my stuff than it took me to make it...
  2. Hey everyone, Have you ever wanted beer can chicken in the winter? Well listen up. Get the following ready: Small whole chicken (thawed) Oven Bags(select the appropriate size bag for small chicken(yes, there are 2 sizes)) either a beer can chicken rack or a an empty can(vegetable can(empty can of corn)) Beer(darker the better honey beer or honey wine works really well) and(very important) Webber Beer Can Chicken Seasoning(in the seasoning section of the store) Preheat oven to 350 degrees, While heating put the can or the rack with the beer can in it into the Oven bag in at lea
  3. Either way it will look great. By the way, Holdman is the whole reason I started this crazy light thing. My husband and family think I am crazy, that is until they saw the mega tree I built last year with my first LOR 16 channel controller. Just as a word to the wise. We went the route of putting the controller to the test by putting 5 strands of 100 mini lights per each channel(maxing it out without breaking it) and the house lights would dim in time to the music. While in my parents house, I could tell which song was on based on the inside lights(sad but true). Oh also, in regards to Holdma
  4. Let me know how you are going to do it. I have a couple of designs in mind myself with fence posts however with my design I am thinking I may need a steel pole due to the amount of weight(lights/pvc/rope/wind/snow). I am thinking of putting multiple pulleys at the top so I was hoping to avoid wires at all possible... Just remember.. Only 95 days until Christmas!
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