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  1. Nice and clean display ! I really like the little gingerbread set
  2. I use audacity as well ! Good luck !
  3. Reminds me of my house on the lake last year (I've recently moved a half hour north). About December 10th, I get a call from the neighbor lady who is in her 90's... In her meek and feeble voice she asks if I was going to put "The Christmas Tree" out on the lake again ? Mind you there was only about 2-3 inches of ice on the lake at that point and because it wasn't safe I hadn't planned on doing it.... Next day, I put a life jacket and borrow a small jon boat, push the 6' pre-lit tree 500' feet out onto the lake and unwrap the extension cords on my way back to shore. The next night I get a call from her thanking me and telling how much joy she gets seeing that lone lit up tree out in the middle of the lake every year... And THAT is why we do what we do....
  4. Maybe it's just me and my Alzheimers kicking in, but can anyone give me a link/idea's where I can buy red mini icicle light strings.. Cannot find them anywhere locally for the last couple years and I haven't been able to find them online. I don't need them for this year but certainly will for next year.... Thank you and blessings !!
  5. That is a great idea and an awesome job !!
  6. Use a heavy duty PVC coupler. If you have a 3" flag pole, then you'd want a coupler that enlarges pipe fittings from 4" to 6" . Attach as many Eye Hooks to it as you have strings of lights. Attach a brass or stainless pulley to the top of your flagpole and run the cable down to 2 sides of the coupler. I use a boat trailer winch that I mount to the base of the stand to crank it up when all the strings of lights are attached. Usually it's a 2 person job to keep everything spread out and in line. When the lighting season is over, you just crank it down, unhook the strings of lights and leave the PVC coupler on the bottom till next year. I just scored on a 18' aluminum pole that I am reconfiguring to work in my stand so mine is off line this year otherwise I would send pics of my set up. Hope this helps you.
  7. It takes nimble fingers to sequence that song ! Wow ! Great job and thanks !
  8. We were all new once upon a time..... This is the best forum ever.. i have learned much over the years and if I could afford it, would love to spend all my time on my Christmas Display... Welcome Welcome !
  9. Ok. My iphone couldn't pickup who sings this but i would sure like to use the song in my display also.... please please... who sings this ?
  10. Hey everyone ! With only 8 months to go I realized that I need some red icicle lights for my house and cabin. Can anyone give me a website I can order these from please???? Thanks much ! Gregg
  11. http://ak.imgag.com/imgag/product/preview/flash/pdShell.swf?ihost=http://ak.imgag.com/imgag&brandldrPath=/product/full/el/&cardNum=/product/full/ap/3173936/graphic1 Just thought I would share this with everyone
  12. Hey Rob (and all) I'm thinking of doing the same thing on my place in Wisconsin. We're presently getting a foot of snow and I haven't figured out how to elevate the strings up off the shingles without damaging the roof itself. If there's anyone out there who can advise on this we would should sure appreciate it. Many thanx !!
  13. This is an old thread, but can anyone tell me where to find it ?? Looked on Amazon and no luck there but I'm sure some site has it. Many thanks all !
  14. My wife surprised me and bought us tickets to their show in Madison, Wisconsin a few weeks ago. After several miserable, stressful weeks at the office it was a very welcome treat to take a day off and go watch them. They put on an incredible show !
  15. I always wondered what the deer thought at that crucial moment ? Glad your ok, vehicles can be fixed. But, I'm not a big advocate on swerving to avoid a collision. Thats what generally causes rollovers or worse.
  16. Even though we grumble about this hobby at times, I really believe this is our way of sharing a gift to our part of the world. Even though some people will always think it's vanity, a waste of energy or some other selfish desire, I do it for others and that is all that matters. God bless the people who took the time to express their appreciation to you.
  17. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I did find the 'path' however the computer still didn't locate it. My guess is that my son-in-law re-directed everything. I've changed some of my song list and will deal with it after this years show is running and I have the time to do it. It's 78 degree's out at 5:00 a.m. already and supposed to be 88 today. I am working on Christmas lights.... I think in the 40's-50's they put people in the asylum's for being a bit touched didn't they ??
  18. Thanksgiving weekend or Thanksgiving itself?? I had actually thought of doing a couple weird spend, spend, spend songs for all the people who go Christmas shopping at 3:00 in the morning on the Friday after Thanksgiving
  19. Only 7 months to go until the lights come on and I have a long ways to go. I zip tie my multiples every 3 feet or so as it keeps the bulbs from tangling in the lines. My boxes of new lights came in today. 24000 more little sparkling bulbs !! I am so excited....... No time to go fishing this weekend !
  20. Morning. If you go to a diesel truck repair center, you could get some 8-10" stainless clamps fairly reasonably priced and clamp it to the pole using a ratchet. If the pole is to large for any type of clamp, then I would take 2" thick piece of aluminum pipe that is the same length as the star and permanently lag screw it to the top of the pole using a spacer to keep it an inch or so away from it. Then you can easily strap or clamp the star up every year without a problem.
  21. Thanx Mike !! I'll check that out right away. Appreciate the quick response and help Gregg
  22. Good morning. Steve passed your name on to me regarding a bulk buy on lights. Can afford the incandes ones unless the LED's are priced right.I need 175 clear/white mini's and 95 red mini's if the price and shipping is decent. Zip code is 54501 in Wisconsin. Many Thanks !! Gregg

  23. Hey Everyone; After letting my son-in-law clean up my computer a couple weeks ago I discovered that when I go to to LOR to start a new sequence, go into files, Itunes, music, then the name of the song (etc) to upload the song that I want, none of the music files that I purchased exist on my computer. I can play them on the Itunes site however. I would guess that it has something to do with the Itunes routing, but I am lost as to what to begin to even look for. Anyone having some knowledge of this sharing their input would be many times blessed. Thanx Gregg :confused::confused:
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