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  1. Or have you been bad and slacked? I got a nifty mini director for christmas this past year, need to kick it into gear...need motivation. I have the year 3 blues.
  2. Let me add...if I knew HOW to do a website, I would volunteer!!
  3. I agree wholeheartedly!!! I have so many people asking if I know of more addresses!!
  4. Lights up and going as of last night! Hope everyone had lady luck on their side during set up!! PM me your directions/website/addy and I'll send people your way, and you can send them mine!!
  5. I was so grossly disappointed in Shadracks. We went last year, and again this year...SAME SHOW this year!!!! Same sequences!!! Most of us hobbists redo our sequences or bring new songs to the table every year...and we do it for free!!! For 25 bucks, at least change the songs!!!!
  6. I use multi, clear, purple, and green (looking to add either blue or red this year). It definitely can work (and should). I think of it like my living room. Solid colored couch - multi colored pillows. It might not look so hot if you had a roof line (strands connected like this) clearclearclearclearmultimultimultimulticlearclearclear on the same channel, but if you had maybe the roof in clear and the windows in multi - not so bad. I know you're looking for different opinions and things to ponder upon, so think about this. A Christmas display is all about what is visually stimulating to Y
  7. You are exactly right - I need to do that. Are you running LEDs or incans?
  8. Skelton - do NOT worry - your display is already 19 times better than the houses with no display at all! I have learned a lot from the members here - reading back through old posts. Some even share their shows and layouts for you to see how someone else did it, so you can tweak and use for your show. Let us know where you are so we can show our support!
  9. Hey neighbors! We're in Donelson. Aaron - there are some REALLY good ones in Middle TN. SupermanBrandon has a great one there in "Cane Ridge", there are a couple of guys down in Murfreesboro that have some super ones. There is also a static drive thru' display off of highway 109. We drove thru' it (think it was 8 or 10 bucks?) a few years ago - however, I think it looks prettier from the road. Of course there is Shadrack's display at the campground up here (by Opryland); not sure if they are doing it again this year. Warning, it is pricey. This is only our second year doing this and
  10. I just figured out how to do the Shimmer/Fade - like if I wanted to shimmer out on a song and it fade into the distance. Yeah, well found it TOTALLY by accident. Albeit, this is only my second year doing this - and I have a rinky dink little show - I am still friggen ESTATIC!! ALL SHOWS ARE BEING REARANGED TO SHIMMER FADE. It will be like American Idol, all songs end in one big note. Shimmer/twinkle/fade is my big note. If anyone else is a dope and can't figure out how to do it, it's a "custom" thing. Go to the tool bar, change up your custom settings, and voila! This was totally wor
  11. Anyone diy tree flocking? And not the soap flake and paint brush junk either. I'm lookin for the heavily flocked look.
  12. So I am having a hard time doing the sweeping fade thing (I call it the paint brush stroke). You know what I'm talking about - Holdman is great at it, so are a few others. The "wave" with lights. Any tips on how to do this? I'm really struggling after playing with it for two years. Thanks compadres!
  13. If you're driving up I-65 - there are about (maybe 15-20) of us in Nashville area. There is also a commercial display AND the Opryland display that are pretty impressive. If you're driving, let me know - I can help you put together a "tour" map of the area!
  14. Been scouring the board (wireframes) and using the search tool - there was a nice set of "how to" instrs. w/ pictures on DIY snowflake wireframes. I bought all the junk to make them and stupidly thought - "oh, I can just log onto the board to get the instrs. later" and now I can't find them!! Anyone know what I'm talking about? One of the pictures on the thread had the "jig" drawn in sharpie on a guy's garage floor - and there were progress pictures - in a house against a beige wall - one lit and one un-lit. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it!
  15. Now I understand why you posted earlier you were "over it" with the stars. That's pretty friggen awesome!
  16. After we saw Rodder's display last night, we went to see if perchance Ken still had his up - but he didn't So we'll jam out to the youtube videos he has up (he does have some 2010 stuff on there it appears).
  17. Gill, No worries at all! I will stop by another night, it's very close to my office - I always love your display! Other displays in the area - what about Rodder's display in Christiana? There's another one down that way as well, other side fo 231 from Rodder's?
  18. Also - I don't think the one in Greenbriar (Lights on Logan?) is up this year - per his website.
  19. Superman - I stopped by the other night, but the lights weren't blinking - just the "beautiful" space thing. I can't wait to see it animated. There are two displays off of McGavock - ours on Windemere Drive (on the McGavock High School side of the road, not the other side) and another one on Weoma. The one you were referring to on Stinson is no longer there - I'm not sure what happened to him, but he didn't do it last year.
  20. twopugh

    It works!!

    Hmm - not sure spugh77! I married into the Pugh clan - PM me, maybe we are?
  21. Habor Freight is my husband's mother ship. Join the inside track club and you will get ever been coupons (example - that obnixiously red tool box was about a 40 dollar delta I think he said between the published flyer and the "inside track club" price.)
  22. Hey - you may not remember us - this is Jim Pugh's son and daughter in law. We actually did it this year - a very modest, 20k+ incan 16 chan LOR set up. Thanks for all of the great info you gave us last year, and pointing us to this site - it has been immensely helpful! I'm assuming your show is up and running this year? Jim said he didn't see an email go out at work, so he wasn't sure. Thanks again, Nicole (and David)

  23. twopugh

    It works!!

    Finished putting together the controller - grabbed the closest sets of lights I could find, and my sequences work!! OMG I am so excited!! If only it weren't budget season <cough cough> I'd call in sick!!!
  24. I only programmed two from scratch - my opener is the beginning of a song by Christina Aguilera - it's called "Enter the Circus". Then I programmed "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy". I found Marty in Utah who gives you LOR sequences for free. He sets up the basics in three or four channels - so I took his and modified it to our set up. From him it's Techno Jingle Bells, Nutcracker Suite, and Carol of the Bells. If I could offer any advice for a newbie it would be - get a pre-sequenced song, see how someone who knows what they're doing does it - then play with it and start doing your own. I
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