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    One year we had to stop a neighbor dressed up as Santa with a bucket out collecting money for us to supplement our power bill. We thanked him and gave him candy to hand out instead and told him we were ok with the power bill! Lol
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    Commercial hot air balloon pilot
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    Own a taxi company
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    Started in 2009 Warren Road Christmas Lights You tube sold old display in 2014 Starting over in 2016 At the new house

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  1. anybody know where I can get some m-5 green led light sets for less than $ 14.00?
  2. What is the best way to find a blown bulb when a whole section is out?? (besides pulling and replacing all the buns). I know there has to be an easier way. Do they make a testor ?
  3. I,m a second year rookie but have come a long way in one year last year was mostly incandescent lights. I will try this I thought they worked even if one was missing. Thanks
  4. How do you repair a 200 count led with sections not working?
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