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    Watching my dad put up giant C9's, and then drawing our house and coloring lights along the roof line.
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    Menifee, CA
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    Father of 4, doing lights for 15 years
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    Spending time with my kids
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    Around 8000 lights, 30+ Blow Molds and 15 Wire figures

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  1. Most of them are 60 Watt, I believe its the picture as well as the wattage. I am going to try and switch them out with something new for a few reasons, cost and since they wont be making those bulbs anymore. Just not to sure what to use.
  2. Now that everything's down, thought I'd share my 2013 display. Roughly 30 or so blow molds. Sorry for the blurry ones.
  3. There is one in Murrieta, CA, called Bainbridge Circle. I think its 13 houses in a Cul-De-Sac. Its amazing as well.
  4. Thanks Mel, I am certainly keeping them, they are going into my collection and will be displayed this year as soon as I clean them up and fix one of them. Thanks for the info, I didn't know anything other then the JC Penny info I found after I posted this. Thanks for your help.
  5. I picked up 2 of these for $5 each, but I cannot find any info on them other then they are made by Empire Plastics, no year made on them. Thanks-Mike
  6. I unplugged the deep freezer in the garage and that solved it. That "grid" is only on the column and a low roof. Mike
  7. I had to light it up via spot light because I was blowing the breaker so much so I figured 1 plugged in is better than 7 and the star is cut off in the picture.
  8. Ohhh we saw it, One day as we were leaving my 3 little girls were screaming...nice list, nice list, nice list! They wanted him to know, and they thought he was real. Top notch, I'll try and stop by soon, before it all comes down. Mike and family.
  9. The SuperTarget in So Cal(Menifee) is 30% off as well, bought 2 snowflakes. Not much of a selection.
  10. Your display is awesome, my family and I have seen it come together with all our visits. Congrats.
  11. The Christmas Vacation house!!!!!!! We have seen your house 10 times, if not more. We love it. My kids and my wife see it every day because they go to Callie. Very, very impressed. Love the theme.
  12. Ohh, ok, yeah we've driven through there a few times. Have you seen the show with two houses linked together?
  13. Where at? I live in Menifee off of Antelope Rd.
  14. Thank you all, my Father is Retired Navy after 27yrs in The Navy.
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