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    Canton, OH
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    I am a father of 2 kids, married and a christmas light lover
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    Christmas Lights, Boy scouts, and Model trains
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    Stay at home dad
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    Currenty, i have about 3,000 static lights and the only lights in my neighbor hood. Next year i plan on stepping up to 10,000 with animation
  1. Put it up a little early to see what I had and i was shocked that it actually looked decent!
  2. I should have got one as well, after testing the mega, I could really use 16 more channels to play with! With S3 taking so long those might be the last ones to go up for sale this year!
  3. PS, if you have tips on sequencing a mega\, please contact me!
  4. Well I thought about posting this as it's own little thing, but wow....That was an adventure! Was great meeting you guys and had a a lot of fun. The reason this post is so late though, on my Way back to Canton my Jeep broke down at about 10:30pm right outside of Columbus! I made it home about an hour ago and unpacked it all. I talked to the family and the auctioneer a bit before I left, thankfully we found jumper cables so we could leave. They were impressed and confused on why we had come so far and paid so much for "some lights" and I explained. 1) We are completely insane 2) We all thought that the other bidders would not be there 3) It is Christmas all year for us and even if we bought 2 things or 20000 LEDs we were not only there for the lights.We were also there to make sure her husbands items were lit up in 2011 BUT, I am now the PROUD owner of the 20' Mega and I cannot wait to put it up and light it up...might do it this weekend just to satisfy myself
  5. According to the auction site the auction is still being help on the 19th
  6. They are NOMA, but no idea on age, the guy thinks they are actually Fiberglass, but I have no clue until I see them in person, there are cracks and 2 of the signs on the bottom are broken. What would be a decent price on these?
  7. Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!

  8. Was goofing around today and made a Video with my lights and Rockband...I hope csmith approves it so it is on here, but if not, check my profile for my youtube link!!!

  9. My wife and I got bored today and set up some Christmas Lights in our living room. I synced them to a song, Rammstien's Du Hast, and recorded it. Let us know what you think!!!!
  10. Is it a bad thing that in my first year of "animated lighting" my friends already think I am nuts?

  11. Yes, they are al i could get my hands on, in proper #s this season...2012, should be going at least 3 color on everything
  12. Exactly as I thought. The info I learned here helped so much, but seeing it done helps so much more, not taking away from the people here...without them I would not have even made it to the point of making the video!!
  13. Hold the phone.....inline female for spt...where!!!!!
  14. WELCOME TO PC!!!!!! This is my first year doing animation and after going through this site for a year I feel like an expert, but I know there are another 6 million things to lear...good luck and feel free to ask me anything...if I cannot provide you with the info I will point you in the direction of the person that can help!!!
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