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  1. Thanks!!! It's working. To make it work, I had to go in and create a show. When I started the show it worked. I can live with this. But does anybody know why this is the only way to get it to work. I Just can't pull up a sequence and it will work. I also went back and changed it to multicast for my default setting.
  2. I went in and changed the IP address. Here is a screen shot. It did not work. I also turned off my anti virus. Still not working.
  3. I have the E681 upgraded to the 4.026 firmware. I have my programming done and can not get it to talk to S3. I can make the lights work with the test pattern on the E681, but when I run my sequence it does not work. I have included screen shots of the current set ups. I've tried everything from turning of my enttec pro adapter off and also and changing my com port to (none). I have my computer hooked up directly to the E681 and that's how I want to run my setup. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
  4. Sorry it took so long to get this posted. Here is a pic of the final mod. Thanks again Dan.
  5. Here is how I modded the controller. The colored light work just light I want. The clear lights come on and then go off and have a about a 2 sec pause then stay on after that. Any Ideas?
  6. Are we talking about the 8 black semiconductors at the top? The numbers on them is XL 1225. Thanks Dan
  7. I have a muti function controller that I want to modify to use with my LOR system. Does anybody know how to make it static? Every time I unplug it goes into a pre-programed sequence. The lights are LED that work with this controller. Here are some pics of the controller.
  8. Hello, This is my first post and looking to buy one box of Philips 60 Count LED Dome Blue Lights from Target. I need it to finish out my 16 mini trees. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dan
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