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  1. I'm a newbie this year with my display running right now. I have 32 channels and that seemed about right for me. I could have handled 48 channels and maybe 64, but IMO 32-48 channels is the best place to start. If you start with 16 channels, sometimes it can look more like a Mr. Christmas box with real music than a light show. The first thing you should do is create a general budget just to know what the neighborhood is in of what you are planning to spend. If you are going the LED route, look for pre-sales in early January. You can get quality LEDs then for much lower prices. LEDs will st
  2. I was standing in front of my house tonight watching my show and these people came by. They didn't know who I was, and I didn't know them. They started watching the lights and they were on the other side of the yard from me, so I could overhear them, but I wasn't really interacting with them. They started watching the lights, and were debating if they were syncronized or if there was something wrong with them and we just had music playing. One of them was even trying to decide if they should ring our doorbell to tell us that something is wrong with our lights! Normally, I probably would h
  3. I saw your display on TLC. You had a great segment, but they really up-played the gate issue. I guess they have to get their drama in. When they showed your display, was Deck the Halls actually in the display, or was it just fancy video editing? It was hard to tell.

  4. I'm a newbie this year too, and my display is about a day or two from light up, but I've made lots of costom extension cords. I bought all of my supplies from christmaslightshow.com. To make a cord, you cut the wire to the length you want it, place the plug where you want it, and slide the cover on. I couldn't believe it was that easy! Some people reccomend using pliers to push the cover, but I just used my hands and it worked fine. Some vendors sell female plugs that go in the center of a wire (more than 1 female plug on the wire), but I just cut a second hole in the plug with a Dremel t
  5. Exactly, and I started set-up very late by the standards of people on PC. I did have the HOA president walk by the other day, and I was expecting to get in trouble, but she said it was a good idea to do it early so you could enjoy thanksgiving instead of decorating for christmas. I saw christmas lights up and turned on at their house that night! lol
  6. I emailed him a couple of weeks ago and got a reply the next day, and my product was shipped the day after I ordered it. He was very quick for me.
  7. I'd like to switch, but I am definately not paying $12 a strand for the commercial quality ones, and the quality of the store-bought ones just seem pretty bad to me for the cost.
  8. And don't forget that your lights won't be on all the time since they're animated, so it will really cost even less! Savings on electricity with LEDs still isn't enough for me to justify the initial cost, but I like the look and the day when I switch is coming.
  9. All my lights are up on the roof. I'm hoping to make all my cords made on Saturday and do all the lower lights on Saturday and test Saturday night. I'm really excited to see it all in action!
  10. I've never started setting up before the day before Thanksgiving until this year. Everyone in my neighborhood thought that was too early! People here seem to strictly follow the "no Christmas until after Thanksgiving" rule.
  11. I was on the roof the other day hanging lights, and this is by far the earliest I have ever set up. It got lots of attention, mostly positive, but a couple of people were making comments. I just acted like I didn't hear the negative ones.
  12. I ordered 1000' of SPT1 from Christmas Light Show a couple weeks ago, and it was the best price I could find at the time. It arrived only 3 days after I ordered it, and worked really well. I would reccomend them unless CDI is cheaper.
  13. Does anyone know how much the 100 count incandesants are at 50% off? Thanks.
  14. I noticed that my Target and Lowes lights make it all the way around my windows, but Wal Mart is about a foot short. I assumed it had always been that way, but that's disappointing to hear that prices are going up and string length goes down.
  15. I know Target cut down on their colors, but it just really surprised me to see pink and purple, but no green.
  16. Here's a link to the sale on Lowe's website: http://www.lowes.com/pl_Stock+Up+Event_4294797991_4294937087_?cm_cr=Homepage+1.2-_-Web+Activity-_-Homepage+A6+Activity+11.10.10-_-HomePage_Area6-_-10605_1_PROMO_6A_StockUpDecorations In the things marked Buy 2, Get 1 free in the store, they are just marked 32% off online, so it's the same price, you just don't have to buy 2. They also have the RV inflatable marked $98 and a couple other things.
  17. I need some 50 count Green Incandesants, and I've been looking around for them. I was at Target today where I found 50 count white, red and blue. They didn't have ANY solid green Incandesants. I asked an employee if they just hadn't stocked them yet, and she said she didn't think they were getting any. Has anyone else seen 50 count incandesants in green at Target or any other store? It seemed odd that they had white, multi, red, and blue in every brand and length of incandesants, and even some pink and purple, but no green incandesants.
  18. I just got back from shopping for some new lights that I need and I came across a couple of very good sales. Lowes: -White Mini Incandesants: Buy 2, Get 1 Free There was also a Buy 2, Get 1 Free on some types of LEDS, but I'm not sure which ones. These sales are valid through Monday, November 15. Target: -I bought 2 boxes of incandesant minis and got a coupon for $4 off a future purchase of select energy efficent christmas lights. You'll have to go see more about that if you're interested. Sorry if this has already been posted, I was just hoping to help some people out.
  19. XmasBoy

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    Well I've never worn make-up, so that must be why I always have to pay full price for christmas lights. lol
  20. XmasBoy

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    Wow, that sounds like a very nice employee. I need 4 cases if incandesants from Lowe's. Any advice on discounts?
  21. Just out of curiosity, what do you estimate your selling price would be for an arch the same as your's?
  22. Well I came into my Halloween display with 1 goal in mind; to get an understanding of how LOR runs and to get some experience before christmas. In that area, the display was a huge success. It took a lot longer than I expected to figure out the works of the LOR show editor, schedule editor, and the CP, but I am happy to have that out of the way so christmas will be much easier. Overall, I think people loved my show, and I learned some things to improve in the future and a lot of feedback from trick-or-treaters. First off, it was a lot of fun. We had the music blasting probably a little
  23. That is really cool! Are those just standard flood lights behind the arch or are they some type of rainbow or LED flood?
  24. Those signs look great, but what about monday and tuesday?
  25. I had just gotten back from Lowes when I read this. I went back to check it out and they didn't have SPT1 spools in stock, but they had SPT2 on clearance. It was a 250 foot spool for about .12 a foot. They only had 2 spools and I need 1,000 feet so I'm just going to order it online since it's the same price.
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