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  1. It's sad that Facebook has become the "go to" place. Yes, it's convienient, but unfortunetely, it's meant mostly for point in time discussion for the here and now, and not really very functional to go back and research old topics. The search engine and organization ability of the platform for old content truly sucks. Forums such as this are wonderful tools for looking back on what was, but now they are mostly frozen in time. What's happening on Facebook now is almost impossible to go back and find even a couple days later. If you decide to shut the forums down, I hope you'll at le
  2. I doubt that little motor is going to have enough torque to handle the big body of that Santa/Snowman. You'll want to look at something like a BBQ spit motor. That's what we used to animate my Empire version of the Santa with.
  3. Did a little brainstorming and came up with a radiating/shooting start tonight. What do you think? Looks better in person than on my cell phone video!
  4. Looking for buy a couple of airblowns used. 1. Santa coming out of a camper 2. Santa riding an ATV/4 wheeler Thanks
  5. $24.99. Not too bad for a piece that big.
  6. Actually, the paint on most of them really sucked. It was scratching off and was off the lines on most of them. The colors were pretty vibrant though.
  7. Saw this guy at Mills Fleet Farm last night....Looks like an old Grand Venture?
  8. I didn't even know she existed till I saw her! There must be an Andy that I have to find now....does it ever end?!?!?
  9. VirtualXmas


    Yeah, same here. Last year I was able to pick up 42 of the 40' brown cords for $2.40 each after coupons and sale price. I was hoping to get that again this year, but no luck. I was able to pick up 50 of the 20' green cube tap cords for $.81 , 35 of the 3 pack cube tap cords for $1.24. 10 of those nice GE 14GA cords with the 3 ends for $6.xx, and 10 other cube tap cords as well. Also got 900 feet of 16ga SPT-2 for .09/foot, 3 rools of GE 200ct C6 LEDs for $7.xx a roll. Stack on 10% off coupon and I did very well
  10. Hi... I have several of these cameras. They are the best I've found in this price range. You can get them on ebay for cheaper. usahitec is who I have been buying mine from, and they are a legit dealer. You can email the China manufacturer for a list of ebay sellers who are selling authorized product. (their website might even have a list). If you want better cameras for more money, http://www.microseven.com/product/Network-Cameras-M7-RC550WS.html is extremely nice, but a little more than twice as much. You can negotiate on price though, I think I paid $220 for mine.
  11. LOL...I didn't see he had put it on sale now! Hurry! Only 1 day!
  12. Hi Zombie, They were made by Empire. General Foam is making them now. Menards has tonnes of them this year. Menards has stores in Michigan.
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