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    Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia
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    I am a 28 year old single mother who loves making kid smile. I love the idea of making someones day with the simple words "Merry Christmas".
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    Christmas Lights and all that it entails
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    Media officer
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    My display is rapidly growing and was in its sixth year this year in 3 different incarnations in 3 different houses. While i am dissapointed in my display ( I currently have some difficulties with the lay of the house on the property) I will continue to strive to go bigger and better every year. My friends across the street and i have started a tradition and this year went from houses in the street with lights to 15 houses in varying states of display. We raise money for charity and I am proud to say that this year we raised $1900 for a boy in our city who needed a wheelchair.

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  1. Hi, I have been considering going to LOR for the last 2 years but after really looking into what i will have to do lights wise i have decided to leave it for the 2010 display and look into it for the 2011 display. To get the effects that i would like i would need to roughly double what i had planned (and budgeted for ) in LED for 2010. Making 2011 the better year for starting LOR. But thanks for linking me to the other posts. When i go LOR i will finally know how to do it.
  2. Hi has anyone ever attempted to build a fireworks light???? I would love to have one up on my roof but at $700 - $1000 they are slightly out of my budget. I was just wondering if anyone here had attempted to make there own one???? Or had any idea's about how i could attempt to make my own one. http://www.christmasalight.com.au/GoShopping/tabid/37/CategoryID/19/List/1/catpageindex/2/Level/a/ProductID/541/Default.aspx?SortField=ProductName%2cUnitCost This is the small version of what i want to have. I can't find a picture of the large size but i would imagine the principals are the same just different scale.
  3. Hmm I have a feeling i may be hated after this. I am one of those people that do approach cars for donations. Even though here in sunny QLD the temperature is rarely below a balmy 28 degrees (celcius) some people still seem reluctant to get out of there cars and wander around the display. We hand out balloons to the kids and explain who we are collecting for and leave it at that. I always thank people for every donation whether it is 5 cents or $50. (or $500 as we have had this year) We also heavily publicise who we are raising money for in the local paper and are at the point where cars drive past with their money hanging out the window for us. We have had the question asked " How much are the balloons? " Our answer always has been and always will be. The balloons are a Merry Christmas gift. We are however collecting donations. We are constantly trying to devise ways of being less intrusive in doing this. This year we let the bus drivers doing the lights tours know what we were doing. He let everyone know on the bus trip every night our reasons why. We had them ready with money and didn't feel like we were pressuring them because we didn't have to do the spiel. This year we raised $1900 for a local boy who has been waiting for a wheelchair for 3 years. I would have approached 50,000 cars if it raised the money for him.
  4. I have a green tree frog that sits on the edge of my pond and then I've edged the pond with a rope light fence. I hammered timber garden stakes around the edge then ziptied ropelight at 3 different heights. I didn't want to have to fence it but within a week of the first time i used the pond in the display i had some toddler decide it would be great to hop along the rocks at the edge of the pond. Thought i had better add something to deter it before someone fell in and i got sued.
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