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    Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia
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    I am a 28 year old single mother who loves making kid smile. I love the idea of making someones day with the simple words "Merry Christmas".
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    Christmas Lights and all that it entails
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    Media officer
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    My display is rapidly growing and was in its sixth year this year in 3 different incarnations in 3 different houses. While i am dissapointed in my display ( I currently have some difficulties with the lay of the house on the property) I will continue to strive to go bigger and better every year. My friends across the street and i have started a tradition and this year went from houses in the street with lights to 15 houses in varying states of display. We raise money for charity and I am proud to say that this year we raised $1900 for a boy in our city who needed a wheelchair.

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