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    Winning the Cheermeister award on Christmas Eve the last 4 years running...always brings a smile to my face
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    8th year, started with LOR, and have migrated to Xlights, currently 35K RGB channels, Using 2 different RGB controller types, SanDevices and Falcon. Also continue to use 2 LOR controllers for my HC Talking Trees.
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    35K RGB channels and growing, should surpass 42k this year. 2 Mega trees, Arches, Starbursts, complete house outline, mini trees, and created a fence last year, looks good! Virtual Santa and Holiday Coro talking trees.

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  1. Sk8er....last year Target had some blue that were inexpensive....should start seeing them in the store soon, if not already, online, I have yet to find a "cheap" place for snowflakes.
  2. Here is a link with the How To http://www.holdman.com/christmas/star/ right above the picture of the star is a link that says click here. You use a projector to give you the outline, and of course its just a matter of moving the wood or projector, your choice, closer or further until you get a size that you like, the rest of the instruction is very intuitive.
  3. Gotta hand it to you....thats pretty cool! Last year was my first bigger tree...22 feet, and I experienced the tangled mess of which you speak! I may just have to take a page from your playbook! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Cool...I just needed one endorsement for me to spend money on my display!!
  5. Anybody ever used one of these things...you know the picture they show is super imposed dots after the fact...might be a little add on for us southerners with a .5% chance of snow. Curious as to any reviews anyone has.
  6. I agree with this, your tree isn't so tall that you can't remove the collar temporarily, unless of course you welded it. (If thats the case, I would get a new piece of pipe and start with a removable or slideable collar witha set screw. I used Darryl's set up myself last year, 20 foot with 1.25 inch steel pipe, and we get some pretty gusty winds in Florida.. 3 guy wires with that base has been sufficient, with 96 strings. I don't see why that collar has to be "Permanently" affixed. Why not use a set screw methodology...? I'm adding 5 feet on this year, and that was going to be my stabili
  7. Have you already taken your picture, and s***ched it together? My property was too wide for one picture, so I s***ched it together, then imported to the visualizer. Once in the visualizer, you can resize the picture to fit...I know some people wil break the visualizer picture into multiple parts, for ease of working with it...especially with bigger props. When I have my entire picture in one visualizer screen, I can't make a discernable holdman star on my house, so I make a smaller symbol of it, so I can still assign 3 channels.
  8. Major mishap yesterday...20 Ft mega with hand crank, (1st year with the crank)...96 strings....going along just fine, got all strings attached, and cranked it to the top...when I released the handle, the lights started coming down...I put the cable going in the wrong direction...I could either (a) jam something in the sprocket, or ( bring all the lights down and start over, as nobody is around to hold the cable, while I redo it, and hold the weight of 96 strings plus the apparatus...(I am using the christmas light show mega tree, so I have this big PVC ring going all the way around...so I o
  9. I am zip tying C6 lights to 3/4 inch PVC, and with 4 inch spacing between 3 colors, its turned into quite a task, but boy will this save me time next year, now of course if a string of LED's goes out, then I'm back to the drawing board! But just hookin them up to the gutters is pretty slick! I might work on something like this for the roofline for next year, not enough tme this year...I hang em as I finish each 22 foot section..people yelling at me...ITS TOO EARLY...I'm like shut the hell up, I'm 4 weeks behind schedule!
  10. The Tree you are referring to is a 12 string CCR, and yes, that is a 3000 dollar tree. 7 dollar LED's, well my friend, you will get what you pay for if you can find them at that price, now of course, the size of LED makes a difference, in regards to price, M5 C6.7,9, etc...for discount LED's, you are best to wait for a group buy and stock up at that time, I spent about 1500 on LED's the last group buy, and I don't recall getting anything for 7 dollars...SO after the holiday season is over, thats when you start thinking about what you need for NEXT year on the group buys. THe CCR's are on www.
  11. thevikester

    Led Floods

    Their regular incandescent floods are 8 to 9 bucks...are these LED's mini floods or something/??
  12. I'm doing th e20 ft CLS mega this year also...3 colors, 48 channels, 2 strands per channel for 96 strings...attach the lights to the pvc with cable ties, or as some prefer to call, zip ties.
  13. I wish you luck with the set up..this is my 3rd year, and just making the move from 64 to 160 this year, has me stressed to the point where I dream about sequencing. Changing the songs, layout, everything, its alot...Although you have that many controllers, you may...just maybe, not want to use them all...just a thought...I just got 3 CCR's that I can't even imagine trying to put into the show this year, so in the box they will stay. Congrats on your son's marriage!! Go get em VK
  14. If you are using 1 inch PVC, I am thinking 250-300 on a 3 footer...and with 20 footers, you will need some support lines for stability. Best thing to do with the light count, is just start wrapping a 3 foot sleeve and you will be able to tell how much you need to cover.
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