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  1. Wondering if you posted an video of the action on YouTube or Vimeo? Would love to see that!!!! Thanks for Sharing - great work!!!! Dan
  2. Great project - looking to see where to purchase the RGB strings - 1 pixel is 1 channel in the controller - correct? Thanks for sharing... Dan
  3. Put June 26 on my calendar... fun, fun, fun...
  4. Bill - did you use these lights this year? I have heard that LED's in general have a problem with "rusting" of the sockets and leads... is this true? Have you experienced this problem? Do the "sealed" LED's offered as part of this sale eliminate these problems... Also there is listed "C7/C9 Icicle Lights" - is this what they are like... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ4idl-lCqI Thanks for helping a NOOB - voyageurs60 (Dan)
  5. Why do we think the intermediate rings are necessary? I may be missing something? voyageurs60 (Dan)
  6. other dates conflict with previous commitments - I choose June 26, 2010 - Dan
  7. I have been thinking of a ferris wheel - guess great minds think alike... have not gotten very far though... look forward to watching the thread...
  8. Is this true - applying a lower voltage to a wiper motor would lower the RPM? I would think the low voltage would "burn" /damage the motor... interesting if true - Dan
  9. Nicely done - thanks for the picture... this is a great improvement. - Dan
  10. Carrie - Praise GOD!!! I am a 50 year old male who received a kidney transplant on May 1, 2007 from a cadaver doner. I was diagnosed with a degenerative kidney disease in 1992 and was able to hold off on dialysis until Jan 2006. The 3 day a week was difficult. Every day I say a little prayer to thank the family and for a blessing of the 33 year old woman who passed. Please if you are not already an organ donor please have it added to your driver license. Talk to your family and make it clear you would like your organs to be donated... talking to your family is important, many hospitals will not harvest the deceased organs if the family does not give permission even if their driver license indicates that they would like to be. The quality of my life has improved tremendously. I feel like a second chance at life... Dan
  11. I am missing something... can't understand what you do after the thrown of the jack is extended. How is it anchored and then continue? Just a mental block... - Dan
  12. could you post some pictures of the contraption you made? - Dan
  13. Where is your album? Are they the 4 photos attached to post #1? Dan
  14. like it a lot... nicely done - Dan
  15. OK - went and searched online... could this be how the quoted displays are hinged? If so, I can now picture it... If not this is an idea which can be expanded upon me thinks... Dan
  16. Would love to see photos of these? Can I get a close up of the "hinge" used to collapse the larger frames? also of the "built in stand"... Dan
  17. Dude - your wife is way to organized and must have OCD issues... she has planned a garage sale for May 15, 2010? No intention of an insult, just really funny... Dan
  18. Gary - checked out the site... very nicely done. I like the Flying Santa Sleigh. I did not follow a couple of things with the slip rings and commutators. Why did you have 4 commutators? I see only 2 brushes. Also see 3 red and 1 white wire? Any explanation would be helpful. Additionally what is the dimension of the rotating display? 1' x 6'? Would you be willing to share a photo of the Flying sleigh/reindeer wire frame? Dan
  19. Post it, I'll steal it - I will then accept all the accolades for a brilliant idea... will start my own web site and tell everyone it was my idea first... you steal my stolen idea? I will hunt you down and sue... People it is a Christmas display... I have not built one yet, lets have some joy with the hobby... If no one built the first Mega Tree would anyone have it in their yards? Just remember the idea you have right now I thought of first... Dan
  20. Nice clean job... now a NOOB question. You mentioned that you wanted to use these as a LED terminator for cheapy LED lights... mind explaining this further? What is wrong with the cheapy lights as purchased? what does ther terminator do? why a resistor on male and female plug... thanks in advance - Dan
  21. folks have postulated that the string circles the tree 1.25 turns. Your tree is neat and I like it... please stay with the group, not sure why some have their knickers in a knot... your is the first video "I Have Seen" of a real working spiral tree... I will refer to it in the future as a WebbTree... thanks - Dan
  22. Do a video of how to take the plug apart... I would watch it...
  23. does anyone have pictures of the light up display? music? was wondering about this... Dan
  24. OK - how did you attach the lights? those clips (worried about long term)? wire ties? tape? Thanks - Dan
  25. Think it cost a bit more than $15,000... some nice elements. As mentioned above was expecting a bit more... would like to see a better video if someone has one out there... Dan
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