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    I am 48 years old. 2009 was my first year to synchronize our lights to music (48 LOR channels). I am married and have a 17 year-old daughter. Quadrupling channels for 2010.
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    Gardening, carpentry, woodworking, home renovations, etc.
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    Still using incandescent lighting but am adding over 2000 LEDs in 2010. This year we are expanding our light show from 9,400 to more than 30,000 lights. Our house is a Gingerbread style home. We use icicles on the peaks and have lighted garland along the gutters of the home. We complement the garland with poinsettia flowers and wreaths so the house looks great during the day as well as at night. The features of the house will be liined with retrofit LED C-9s, alternating red and white. 2009 was our first year to synchronize our lights to music using LOR kit controllers (48 channels). Since then I have picked up 10 more controllers for 208 channels.

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  1. Thanks! There’s only 2,100 pixels on the roof. It’s a 4 inch horizontal by 5 inch vertical matrix. The rows are offset 50% increasing the perceived resolution.
  2. This is one of the new songs we had in our 2018 show. Our house has about 13,000 pixels total (2,650 on the mega tree, 1,152 on the matrix, 2,100 on the roof, 1,600 on the spiral tree and the balance in the yard and on the house).
  3. Little Drummer Boy by For King and Country
  4. Here's what I have come up with so far: I am going to build a 2' x 2' framework out of 1 x 2 material. I will build it in sections that can be broken down and stored. Where the gutters attach to the house, there is a strip of wood I can attach eye screws to and then hang the panels with hooks and anchor the bottom to the ground. Essentially I will have moved the front of my house out about 16 inches. There will be work room behind the panels. My house faces east and the winter winds come from the west so wind should not be too big of a problem. I have two large peaks and plan to install a pu
  5. Here is "Where Are You Christmas" by Faith Hill.
  6. I plan on covering the entire front of my house with a coroplast facade to make it look like a whoville house. I'll keep the coroplast white and the trim elements pastel and light the entire house with rgb floods. I want to poke twinkling lights through the coroplast so I can make the entire house twinkle. Also, I plan on putting five arches on my roof. Yard elements will bemodified tobemore whovillish (new word). Mega/spiral treewill be converted to LEDs. Allnew sequencing for the house facade. Orher than that, everything will be pretty much the same. Lol.
  7. OK, so I'm bored with my display. I can try to grow this year; add elements and more LEDs or I can try something new. Here's what I'm contemplating: I would like to convert my house into a Whoville house by building white coro panels on 2 x 2 frames and creating the appearance of the improbable and whimsical architecture of Dr. Seuss. I would illuminate the panels from the front with rgb spots. I would mount c-9s along the edges and could use twinkling lights poked through the coro to make the whole house sparkle. Most of my yard elements would stay the same But I would modify them to m
  8. First video of 2011 season.
  9. Ozark. 602 east falls circle. 50k lights. 28 songs. Google maps will get u there.
  10. You can always use the "Converse House" rule. The farther it is from your house, the more you can plug together. Lol.
  11. I also print a master list, fold it and keep it in my back pocket so I don't have to run back to the controller when my mind fails me. Lol.
  12. I move my channels into logical groupings to facilitate sequencing. They do not always correspond with physical groupings (controllers). While print all works for a master list it does not work when there is a disparity between the controllers and the sequencing channel listing.
  13. I know many of the members here use an Excel spreadsheet for a channel/circuit listings. I have an alternative for those that do not have Excel and are sequencing with LOR that makes a nice listing to work with. When I am done sequencing and am ready to set up, I load one of my sequences. Then select Tools/Channel Configuration. From there, I delete all controllers but controller 1. You can only do one controller at a time, so it is a bit repetitive and its not practical for those that have huge numbers of controllers. Then I print. After printing, I cancel the changes and then select
  14. Also remember it's not doing what you want but most viewers will not know the difference. "Pretty flashing lights!!! Ooooh." So don't stress. Light shows are like pizza. Even a bad one is still pretty good.
  15. Here are some still pics. In the daytime pic you can see the temporary hoop I used to wrap the tree laying on the ground. The key to getting even spacing of the spirals is to make sure the ends are evenly spaced around the temporary hoop when you start wrapping the lights.
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