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    I've been playing with Christmas lights now for 15 yrs.
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    Facebooking, have a good time all the time, Christmas, hiking and just being outdoors
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    Fallbrook Union elem. School
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    My display has grown over the years. I am up to, I've lost track of how many lights, lost count of how many controllers. I've got incans, LEDs, RGB, Dumb and smart nodes, blow molds and wood cut outs and at the end of the day..it's all about the smiles and looks on the kids faces.

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  1. Nice display. Love the sequence for the CCRs.
  2. How many controllers are you using this year? Something as simple as assigning wrong unit ID number will do this as well.
  3. When you are testing or running a sequence from the sequence editor and you have the sequence editor open while plugging in everything it won't play the lights. You need to plug everything in, close out the sequence editor and then reopen the editor and choose the sequence you want to play. that should now work for you. Once you do that you won't have to close the editor to test every song.
  4. Are you just trying to run your lights from the sequencer editor as a test run??
  5. These are great! A couple of years ago they were all over the internet and you could get them really cheap, but I believe Noma stopped making them and the only place you can find them is on Ebay and they go for a pretty penny now. You can't program them, they come with 19 pre programmed a minute thirty second effects but you can set them to go off at the same time. I had two of them, gave them away last year since I am using LOR now.
  6. I have always been static and changing this up this year by adding animation. But I am only some animation to certain parts of my display. So, I guess you can say that I'm doing a 50/50 display this year. It will give people something to look at while other parts are doing the "blinky flashy" thing.
  7. How lucky she is to have you as a neighbor! Do you have a good relationship with that family because if you do I would nicely point out that they are ripping her off and show her the nice work that you have done and it gives her something to go back to the people that WERE supposes to do the work if she chooses to get rid of them I guess if you don't, I wouldn't say anything at all. Nice to see neighbors helping neighbors.
  8. I have seen it tonight! Tomorrow night is officially the full moon, going to be amazing to see that.
  9. I have been using LEDS now for 4 years and this was the first year that I had to change out a fuse on one set of lights. The only reason for that had to do with all the rain we were having at the time.
  10. I live here in SoCal and not sure where in NoCal you will doing your display, but there are very strict rules when it comes to doing anything dealing with fire even on private property. I would call and ask the questions that you need answers for. But your idea sounds really cool if you can get permission to do it.
  11. If you have a display in So Cal, I would love to go and see it. Hope it works out for you.
  12. Do you know whereabout in So Cal this mini will be? I would be interested in coming,
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