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  1. I would love to see a heat miser and snow miser blow molds i tried to find any type of outdoor decor for these 2 and came up empty. but i think blow molds would be the best.
  2. arches done and light up 3 white and 3 blue 6 channels
  3. i think it wasa littleover 20 feet
  4. No i didn't use any guide wires, I used 5 foot rebar put half or less into ground and they are very strong. Started putting the lights on today and then it got very windy and started to rain and they did not move in the wind
  5. each arch is 32 feet and it took 2 full days tomorrow they will come down and the lights will go on then back up. i have 10 boxes of 60 count led bulbs for each arch it will be three blue and three white 6 channels .its my firstyear with lor 32 channels
  6. all mached up and reay for lights tomrrow
  7. can someone recommend a good free song editing software site
  8. I enjoy coming by every year to see your display.
  9. metal conduit very cheap and works great. Cut to length, pound it into the ground and slip the blowmold over it. Or sometimes ill put one in the back to and use bailing wire.
  10. Chris been by twice already, Very impressed.
  11. Nice car. i have a 87 ss monte carlo 383 stroker
  12. I will be taking this year off . Just got over a battle with cancer the beginning of the summer so i am just taking it easy for now getting my strength back.good news is i beat it.bought a 64 channel l.o.r last year when i got sick and still haven't got to try it but i will work on my songs and building this year . Looking forward to seeing everyone's displays.
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