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    Racine, Wisconsin
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    I'm a single father (mid 40's) of a teen daughter and just purchased my first home a year ago.
    Journyman electricin by trade, but moved on to other occupations.I love technical challenges (electrical/machnical) and the wonder of light and how it makes me feel.
  • Interests
    music of all sorts!
    outdoors - camping, new places,
    wood working,bicycling,computers,home remolding/fixing up things
    family/friend cookouts and campfires
    love to cook and be creative in the kitchen
  • Occupation
    Large assembly tech./past electrician
  • About my display
    Will have 3 color icicles, roof out line in 2 color, 10 mini trees 2 each from 2' up to 6',3 color window outline, and 4 of those great Rainbow Floodlights to start out with. I'll have many figurines through out the display and maybe even get the 24 channel 3 color mega-tree going. May have to wait for next year, have lots of programming to do......
  1. We had good luck with the mini bungies found at Harbor Freight and I believe they come in multi ( red, green, blue) plastic containers 4 each color. Lasted all of last winter and hopefull for this year as well. Good Luck!!!!
  2. Hello and merry lighting there. I'd love to see your video and maybe see if I can use it in my display. I have started out for first time with 96 channels and 12,000 lights. I could use some more sequences in my display and just don't have the time right now to do a lenghtly program so I would greatly appreciate it. Happy lighting and many more lights to come. Darrel Schweissinger [email protected]

  3. Hi Darrel It was so nice to meet you at the Chicago Mini. We had a great time chatting with you and other attendees. We only arrived back home on Saturday so when we get back into our routine we will have to start thinking of starting on this years display. Would like your address too. Linda & George

  4. Hi Shaun It was nice to finally get to meet and talk with you. I love you display and all the elements you have going on with-in it.Sooooo! what's the BIG surprize to be revealed in Nov.????LOL......I'm sure it will be fantasic!!! Stay in touch Darrel Schweissinger from Racine

  5. I'll be there, Friday and Sat. can't wait to meet everyone.
  6. Hello Kenosha light guy, came across your page today and thought I'd drop a friendly hello. I'm new to the x-mas display stuff and the forums ares. Maybe someday we can meet? Will be going to the Chicago mini in Sep. hope to see some of the few of us around htese parts there! Take care and merry light show...

  7. Thanks Aproct, I will take your suggesed dementions and play around with them and see what I come up with.
  8. Hi everyone, those snow flakes look great and I would like to make some for my display as well. Does anyone have the demension for them?
  9. Hi Val, I sent you an e-mail in your privite address, or at lease the one my e-mail program brings up. Have a great day/night Darrel

  10. Hi Darryl... give a call or email if you need anything. Val [email protected] www.Christmas-LEDs.com (262) 949-2425

  11. Hi Darryl, I had no idea these messages from you were here until just a couple minutes ago! Sorry for the long delay! I'll be happy to help you anyway I can. As far as the Chicago mini and the Wisconsin mini... email me and I'll send you the links for those.

  12. I will be in touch with you in the coming weeks to get my light order in and I'm sure I will have many questions to ask you. I think you will be very helpful in answering my confusing ?'s as well as the start of a new friendship in the makings. You and your friends have a nice and safe weekend and enjoy the company and sights. Be safe and always thinking Christmas!LOL Darrel S Racine, Wis

  13. appreciate it very much. Per our phone conversation, this will be my first year doing an animated lights display. I have much to purchase-controler (LOR w/software), FM transmiter: not quite sure which one yet?,lots of LED lights, make some small trees to start out with "this year", as well as some stars and or snow flakes, really thinking of the arches,WOW!!! I like those! but requiring many circuits to run nicely. And the list goes on Valerie, I am so inspired and excited to see it all come to life. But first things first, I do have a layout and a simple light board of the display that will help me (hopefully) to see what is going on outside.

  14. Hello Valarie, It's Darrel Schweissinger from Racine. I'm the one that called you Friday afternoon and we spoke for a few. We also shared about some mini's going on in the area near by. I know of the one in Ill coming this Laborday but you had mentioned another one that I would like to hopefullly attend. Could you send me the link and or the info that has more of where and when the mini is going to happen. I would really .

  15. Hello Bill, was looking for info on the re-Plus coming up this summer, do you know of it?

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