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    I love everything to do with christmas
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    building christmas displays making animated figures
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    I have over 150 animated figures displayed, and have over 300 , I have a 5 foot reindeer in its barn and a 12 foot snow man that talk to each other, I run a full animated lighting display 5 controllers and all my lights are led, also a 35ft tree fully done in led,and a bunch of themed animated displays
  1. animator


    Hi, I just posted some new pictures of my easter display I made a 7 foot animated easter bunny for this years display , Hope everyone enjoys them and Happy Easter.
  2. Hi Mike , I have filmed the 2 large animatronics talking to each other I have to get someone to put it on video so iI can post it on here they are cool the reindeer talks to frosty and they go back and forth. Its funny about the elf Idea last year I made one for my old donation box he sat on top and when you put something in the box he would wave and Thank you for your donation. Right now he is being refit to push a giant plug into a giant wall outlet, I will post some pictures as he s comming along, Thanks Again
  3. Hi, and Welcome I am newbie myself on PC Your going to love it I do ! Ask Questons everyone is so helpful.
  4. Strobes are great in a display this is my second year with them I am up to 45 and everyone thinks it looks great! :santasmileyitty: I plan on adding 15 more this year.
  5. animator


    Hi, just posted a few more pictures of my display from this year hope everyone likes them. I just started taking out my animated easter items starting to get ready! :giggle:
  6. animator


    Hi, Thank you Im glad everyone seems to like the display. The animatronic talking reindeer in the barn and the 12 foot rope light snowman are homemade I made both myself they both talk to each other the voices run off my Animated lighting Monster brain.
  7. animator


    Hi, Im new on here just started on Jan 1 2010 and I love it!!! I posted some pictures of my display ,I hope everyone likes them Im big into animation, And Thanks everyone for being so nice.
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