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    Married almost 2 years. No kids, maybe in a year or so. 2009 was my first year to put up lights on the house. Now I think I have a light problem.
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  1. Knowing that could have saved me hours from redrawing that dang picture. First one I drew had prefect per portions and everything. Last one looks looked nothing like it. Score - today is a good day.
  2. I have 2 sets of 4 songs each, and each set is 11-12 min long. Set 1 I play the first half of the hour and set 2 is played the 2nd half.
  3. It's my understanding that you have to draw everything again for each sequence you make. You can't import a new picture. I could be wrong though. Maybe someone with a little more LOR knowledge can chime in.
  4. What do you mean by animation? Are you referring to the preview window that you can pull up to see what it's going to look like?
  5. I'm new at this myself so I'm going to attempt to answer. But a good first question would be are you Light O Rama? If not I'm no help.
  6. I would hate to hear what they would say about me then. My wife is studying for her last test of the CPA and I'm home with our 9 month old son on the weekends. I bring his pack and play out in the garage/yard while I'm working on the lights. Always in appropriate clothing.
  7. I don't have any LED experience myself but after doing some simple searching I've found a few things. Answer 1
  8. I'm a maybe. I might have to work that night. Is it on the 17th or 24th?
  9. Since I'm a compete noob when it comes to LOR or any other kind of Christmas display besides static I plan on trying to be there to learn some basics of the LOR controller.
  10. Thanks for putting on such a great show Chuck. I found this forum last month and was just skimming posts when I ran across your sig of 600+ channels and 180,000 lights and thought this guy is so full of it. Then I saw you were just down in Norman. My wife and I made it down before the snow came in. As we were leaving my wife said you want to do a light show next year don't you. I just looked at her and smiled.
  11. Thanks. 2009 was my first year of putting up lights on the house. 2010 I'll have a small show. Budget and power requirements are only going to allow me to start off with mini lights. But I figured a couple of hundred dolors in lights is good enough for my first year.
  12. I'm a little new to the game. Can someone explain what the OK-mini is to me. Thanks.
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