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  1. brucet9

    5mm or M6?

    Yes, the 5mm and ideally M5 or M6 to compare, but I think you said that you don't have M5 or M6. Thanks,
  2. brucet9

    5mm or M6?

    Chuck, Thanks for posting that pic of M5 and M6. Seeing them next to each other along with a hand to give them scale makes it clear.
  3. Oops, My bad. I meant that last for Keitha. I'm not sure on this forum format how one tells whom a response is meant for. So both m5 and m6 are similar in size and shape to incandescent mini lights? What's the difference? And please don't say m1 Thanks
  4. brucet9

    5mm or M6?

    I've seen pictures of M6 on CDI website and M5 on Holiday Direct They look the same to my inexperienced eye. What is the difference? What is the best source, in your opinion? Thanks
  5. That's a very nice display, but it is 5mm and m6, not C6, that I'm want to compare for replacement of my incandescent mini-light strings.
  6. Thanks, Chris, but I'm deciding between 5mm and <i>M6</i>, not C6, for next year, to replace incandescent mini-lights wrapped around the branches of my Olive tree . I already had c6 strings on the eaves this year.
  7. I'm a newbie to the forum deciding between 5mm and m6 [probably 1500 lights] for my outdoor tree but I've never seen 5mm and I've seen m6 only in the hardware store. Responses to my post "5mm or m6" in "Newbies" did not produce a consensus as to which would be better, so maybe I can see some before deciding. Anyone in or near Orange County CA have some 5mm and/or m6 that I could see lighted in order to decide which type to use? CDI presale clock is ticking. Thanks,
  8. brucet9

    5mm or M6?

    I replaced my old incandescent C9s around the eaves this year with C6 LEDs and noticed that the colors are more saturated and they don't flood the walls with light. I'd like to take advantage of CDI's January sale to convert my olive tree to LEDs as well, but I need help deciding what type to use. Corner lot; 20' tall x 30' diameter olive tree with three main trunks that split off into two or three major branches each. I have been using 10 33' and 8 16' strands of GE brand multi color (BGRYO) incandescent transparent mini lights spiral-wrapped around the trunks and main branches and l
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