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    Started with lights on the roof. Expanded to yard this year with a store bought 6 channel system.
  1. Thanks everyone. I have checked both of those issues, no conflict and the channels do not appear in any other sequence. Issue still persists.
  2. Running my first show off a PC. Previous years I have used a mini director. My background sequence is not running continuously, it comes on and off at different points throughout the show. I have run the verifier and corrected all the issues. Problem still persists. I then rebuilt the show and ran the verifier again. No issues. When I run the show, problem still exists. Any ideas? I must be missing a step somewhere.
  3. They are LEDs. What do you mean put a load on them?
  4. I have gone through the sequencing, everything is as it should be. The issue occurs at certain points in the song, not consistently, the hardware utility doesn't show any issues. How do you reset the controller?
  5. The are LOR controllers that my father built. They do each have their own unit # set and they work perfectly fine except for the problem I describe. The cat5 cable is not running next to power cords and the span is about 20ft total
  6. I have 4 - 8 channel arches in my display that I built a few years ago. I think this is the 3rd season. They are controlled by two controllers. I bought the lights from Target. When I tested my display this year I ran into an issue, a couple of the segments remain on when they are not supposed to and some come off before they are supposed to. I do not know if this is a light problem or a controller problem. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks everyone for the advice. Seems like three options: 1. Rent a lift - thought about that, but its expensive, then I have rent it again to take it down, and again every season. 2. Extension ladder - seems like a reasonable option, but terrified to climb the height carrying the lights and everything else needed. 3. Two shorter ladders, one to get to the lower roof, then a step ladder or multi-position ladder on the apex of the lower roof to reach the upper roof. This seems like a better option, but I am concerned that I cannot tie off the ladder, might be difficult to get down... Any other ideas, comments or suggestions welcome. Thanks again everyone!
  8. I am looking to expand the number of lights on our roof this year and am curious how to do it. I know how I am going to attach the lights to the roof. My question is more basic. How do I get up there? I have posted a picture of my house below. Its the second level I am concerned about. How do I get up there safely? Any advice?
  9. For the last few years I have used a Light O Rama mini director to run my show. This year I am going to use my PC in order have more flexibility. My question is what happens when the screen saver kicks in or the computer goes to sleep? Will that even happen or does the control panel override that? If it does, will the show shut down? I could just try it I suppose but thought I would ask here in case I can get the answer quicker. Thanks in advance.
  10. I appreciate the replies. I have no doubt that with 16 channels and multiple colors they can look good. I was asking more about the density of lights per channel. I assume with 6 strands of lights per channel the tree will look full. But do I need that many? urthegman - with only 16 strands per color, does your tree look full?
  11. This year I am adding my first Mega Tree. Here are the stats: 20' Tall 10' Diameter Base 12 Channels All Green (for 2013) Currently I am thinking about running six strands per channel, for a total of 72 strands, each with 70ct lights. When I first calculated it, it seemed like the appropriate number, but as I look at what others have done, it seems like this is more than is necessary. I know that the general rule is: Q "are there too many lights?" A - "Never!" But budget is an issue this year. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  12. Looking for two sequences: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong and Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Anybody have these or know where I could get them? Would be very appreciative to anyone who can help. Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone, I am not very knowledgeable about wiring, but can this be fixed? I accidentally cut the wire when cutting a zip tie. this is a C-6 LED 70 count light strand. If it can, how easy is it to do, and how do I do it?
  14. Interesting, I hadn't thought of that (Obviously). I am using Windows 7 on the ASUS, my laptop was running Windows Vista Business. I submitted a ticket with LOR, thanks for the link.
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