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    I have 5 children and 5 grandchildren
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    Have SuperStar Christmas light show on youtube
    I sell spider webs at Halloween time
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    The original SuperStar is made from 144 white LED rope segments and 144 green LED rope segments. Search for SuperStar Christmas Light Show on youtube and you will see it.
    I am working on a new SuperStar using Cosmic Color Ribbons. It required developing new software to make it practical to sequence the Ribbons.
  1. Jingle Bell Rock Sequence is on youtube at: I use a grid of 12 Cosmic Color Ribbons laid out horizontally to make a matrix of 50x12 RGB pixels. This is a fun sequence that has some good effects, animation and lots of text! -Brian Bruderer
  2. The SuperStar Sequence Editor now has SuperText! You can download the free demo version at www.superstarlights.com SuperText features (See page 13 of this tutorial) 1- Can type text and have it displayed on the ribbons as: a- Stationery text b- Moving text 2- Text Color modes a- Choose Color b- Rainbow c- Red,Green,Blue,Red,Green,Blue... 3- Text Mask modes a- Normal (no mask) b- Positive Mask (any effect put onto background) c- Negative Mask (any effect put onto foreground, or background) 4- Fonts a- 12x12 Thin b- 12x12 Bold c- 8x8 Thin d- 6x6 Thin
  3. Yeah, sorry it is blocked on youtube, it is now on vimeo at: http://www.vimeo.com/13741461 In the video section on my website at www.superstarlights.com also now has the vimeo video so you can access it from there also. -Brian Bruderer
  4. Thanks, I like the effects that start at 1:53 also. The song is so intense that when it slows down at 1:53 it gives a chance to slow the sequencing down to something you can just relax and enjoy the slow flowing effects. To me, the effect at 2:02 - 2:20 looks like jet contrails. The jet flys by and then the contrails form some time after the jet. -Brian Bruderer
  5. As someone noted, the audio is a little out of synch on the first one. The audio is dubbed in to get better sound quality and I failed to dub it in exactly. There is another version on vimeo now with the audio resynched, the link is: http://www.vimeo.com/13741461 Sorry the youtube one got blocked.
  6. I took a break from working on my software for a few days to see what I could do with two CCRs. I did a sequence to TSO's Wizards in Winter, a lively song that gives a chance to showcase the abilities of the CCR. You can take a look on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw86S30jyI4 I am tempted to buy two more CCRs in addition to the 12 I have, too bad the sale on them is over! -Brian Bruderer
  7. The fully functional versions of the SuperStar Sequence Editor are now available for purchase at: www.superstarlights.com My daughter is my webmaster and has worked hard on reworking the web site to be more cheery. Along with the versions for purchase you can of course still download the demo. I hear lots of people bought Cosmic Color Ribbons during the sale. The SuperStar Sequence Editor is designed to be a companion to the CCR and enables full exploitation of its abilities!
  8. Well, I'm a few days later than I hoped, but the SuperStar Editor demo version 1.02 is now available at: www.superstarlights.com The biggest features that were added are: 1
  9. On pages 18-21 of the Spring issue of Planet Christmas magazine is an article titled "Death of the Grid." It is an excellent article that explains the direction sequencing software can take in the future. "Death of the Grid" was my goal when I started writing some software last fall. I have a megatree made of 12 Cosmic Color Ribbons that I call the SuperStar. I wanted to have software that would allow me to sequence effects without the traditional grid. I now have it. There is a free demo version of this software at: www.superstarlights.com In the next few months I will enhance the sof
  10. SuperStar Sequence Editor Demo Version 1.01 is Available Go to www.superstarlights.com to download New to Release 1.01 New features: 1
  11. There will be an improved demo version of the SuperStar Sequence editor available on Sunday Mar 21 at: www.superstarlights.com New features: All effects appear as a bar under the time line Clicking on the effect's bar under the time line will also select that effect in the dialog box Play back speed can be at 1/4, 1/2, normal, 2x, or 4x Preparing a large .sup for playback was taking 46 seconds on my computer. This has been reduced to 9 seconds. Can change ribbon resolution from 50 pixels to 10 pixels for a particular scene. Undo/redo Copy/Paste and Cut/Paste Nudge, a feature that
  12. I have Cosmic Color Ribbon Demo 3 on youtube now. Eventually it will show up by searching for "Cosmic Color Ribbon" but for now you need to use the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S--PUgfc1uQ The sequence is 2 minutes long, my favorite effect is the "blast down" at 1:35. The colors and 50 pixels per ribbon allow even more effects than I originally imagined!
  13. I now have a demo version ready. I will soon have it as a downloadable file on my website at www.superstarlights.com but until then, you can email me at [email protected] and I will email it to you. It is a self extracting zip file so it should be easy use. -Brian Bruderer
  14. Thanks for comments. I am hoping to have a demo version of the software ready within a few weeks. It will be available at www.superstarlights.com As with most software, the user interface is as challenging as the inner workings of what the software does. So I am very interested in feedback on what is good about the interface and what is not. -Brian
  15. I have a video on youtube now. Search for Cosmic Color Ribbon or, if that doesn't work use the following links: Scrolling text demo Demo of other effects http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDhMO2KcLcw I think it looks pretty cool.
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