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    Canberra ACT Australia
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    I'm now a Christmas Light addict that designs and builds my own electronics for light control, my background is in electronics and telecommunications though i now work in the IT industry.
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    Food, Wine and music oh and the odd christmas light project.
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    Change Manager
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    16k lights with a mix of LED and Incandescant. Moving slowly towards having a full RGB LED based display.
    Being in Australia the majority of external lights are low voltage 24v/36v that I drive with DC.
    I run 48ch DC Controllers of my own design using DMX.
    2010 should see around 25k lights being put up.
  1. Jim Are we that predictable? You got the answers right. With LOR now directly supporting E131 all you need to connect E131 capable devices is a network cable or were you have more than one a network switch and network cable. The ELOR product is effectively redundant, however it still has a potential use for people running showtime directors. I can't find any specs on total channels supports by the showtime director above it appears to be only a single LOR network and whatever the various limits that implies, i've heard people say it can be as high as 900ch depending on how active it is. In this case the ELOR could be used to drive some pixels. I do think though that if your getting into Pixels then having an actual show computer will be required and in that case you may as well just use E131 Pixel controller of choice. Cheers Phil
  2. Noel, These have previously been recorded. Sorry you can't make it Cheers Phil
  3. Thought i would spin off from the main thread that Gig started to see if more people may read this with a ***le change. OMC6 wil see..... Online Mini Conference #6 (mini mini # 6) industry overview of nearly everything! by AussiePhil of auschristmaslighting Be warned this one may run long. Some things to try to discuss pixel types, diy v off the shelf, 5v v 12v, current draws, power injection (biggy). traditional lights with pixels, making the most of existing investments, and some general look and feel stuff that may lead to even better shows, over and above that AussiePhil will try to talk on using traditional lights with pixels, making the most of existing investments, and some general look and feel stuff that may lead to even better shows view the schedule at http://www.timeandda...18&p1=1956&ah=4 Oh wait that's me Interested in RGB Pixels then a lot of the stuff i plan to talk about will cover many of the aspects of this technology but will also try and look at how to maximise any investments you may already have. RGB is not about throwing away your existing lights but a way to add to your displays. I have a few years now playing with RGB and Pixels and have a lot of lessons learnt.over that time. My plans for 2012 include 2 full RGB Pixel megatrees (more pixels than 2011) and new RGB pixel Icicles, with around 20,000 channels this year it is not the largest light count nor even the highest channel count but it is still on a leading edge. Hoping to see some PC faces on Friday ***ht US time Cheers Phil
  4. Robert Eddy is correct that higher voltages will reduce life but for the time we use this strip the reduction is small to nothing Buying a dedicated psu is preferred of course. Now to show how tolerant 12v strip is. We did some tests to the point of destruction. 12v baseline. All good 14v current was up a little along with a little brighter but no issues observed. Current was we inside specifications for 5050 LEDs 24v current up lots strip getting warm to hot certainly bad but nothing blew up strip ran for 15 minutes plus 30v. Bad bad bad. No LEDs actually failed but strip was hot enough to melt solder. It was quite funny to watch a section that had not been working come to life at one point. Various individual colors failed in LEDs All tests on a 1 meter length and longer lengths will experience greater heating at higher voltages Summary find was that 14v as found in cars was no real concern for 12 v DUMB strip Cheers Phil
  5. Tjo13 Now that's one of those things. It does support E131 but along with most of the pro world refers to it as sACN. Now on the subject of price yes the full pro version is expensive however head over to auschristmaslighting.com and read about the special version for the christmas lighting community. One of my members originally negotiated a major discount that was the genesis of this version from light factory Phil
  6. WB What a good write, honest and to the point. The solutions discussed use standards based protocols such as E131 and can be mixed and matched. One positive for a lot of people in this GUI based world is that J1SYS ECG range uses web pages for configuration and is fast adding the niche protocols. One exciting bit of news is the owner of LightFactory pro lighting software has announced a personal not for profit version with at least 100 universes of DMX being supported will be released for the Christmas lighting community very very soon Cheers Phil
  7. Hey tony Strange who pops up where PC has a lot of great info just remember that it can be very US 110v centric Cheers Phil
  8. Actually those pluggable connectors are not currently a Mouser line that i'm aware of, they were first used by J1SYS on the ECG range of pixel controllers (www.j1sys.com). To the OP, i have nearly 500 channels of DC control and use the onboard screw connections and just connect and disconnect the wires each year. However i plan to move the the J1SYS connector for future hardware designs. Cheers Phil
  9. SW been working with RGB pixels for a couple years now, the dumb ones are essentially the same weight so advise is the same. The weight of the nodes and the wire when left to just hang WILL stretch the wire AND pull the plastic apart were the wires enter the back of the node. I've got one 126 count string that stretched nearly a foot over it's full length when i had it hanging up testing lights for a about a month. Tip1: were the wires exit the node, zip tie the wires together as strain relief. Tip2: (already told by others) tie to supporting wire, i personally use plastic coated wire. Cheers Phil
  10. David... just to clarify, Eddy is one of the Global Moderators at ACL. Mods feel free to delete this post as it doesn't actually contribute to the thread but it did need clarifing at the moment. Cheers Phil
  11. Sticky It's not quite as simple in the RGB world, you are unlikely to find an off the shelf strings that you could run 3000 Nodes off 15 channels. Even the 50 count string @5V that Jon linked are not really the solution if your wanting that many LED's as 3000 nodes, ie 60 strings would have a total current draw (for white) of around 180A at 5V Mind you 2801 pixels will have the same current requirement. 12V or 24V flexible strip may be you best solution PS the link that fasteddy posted will give you access to lot's of RGB info Cheers Aussiphil
  12. First up let's me say that I believe Animated Lights Shows using LOR or any other software still have a WOW factor ... but ... video websites etc have made it well "not so unique" anymore even if your the only person in your area. For those who don't know me I have been on a leading edge of RGB/Pixel stuff for a couple of years, this year we ran two 20 foot RGB Pixel megatrees and whilst i had many people tell me how good it was and like wow we have never seen anything like it, you would never guess what the biggest kid magnet in the display was.... and wrong, it wasn't the $79 North Pole model tree running inside one of the megatrees, though that got a lot of kids out of the cars. it was... the $20 (actually given to me by a neighbour to setup) 10" Plasma Ball. I experimented with some basic video stuff this year with a 3D animation of Santa's workshop and delivering presents, it was projected onto a screen just inside one half of the garage, this two was a hit, but to me it was just another component of the entire show. For 2012 we are introducing more child friendly components with full size Santa sleigh, Santa and Mrs Claus on selected nights just to add further dimension to the entire display. We will likely expand the projection side as well. Fast vs Slow..... I ran a mix that had both and often people that stayed for the fast/rocky tracks would move on when a slow one was played yet people who has listened through one or even two slow tracks would stay for a rocky track then move on, i ended up using this to keep cars and traffic moving on the busy nights Cheers Phil
  13. Hi, I ran 2240 pixel tree in 2010 - there's a post somewhere on here, with 6720 channels and did it all in Vixen. For 2011 we are running two full RGB pixel megatrees but using the same channel count for the trees but have about 900 channels of other RGB stuff this year for a total of 7744 channels. Grabbed LSP2 this year but sadly even on a top end PC the near 8k channel count was to much and the output was not clean and stable. I do know many people that are successfully using LSP in the 4k to 5k channel count region so I have just pushed the boundaries a little to much So 2011 is again being run from Vixen with sequencing being done with some very fancy video to Vixen processing scripts. Madrix is certainly a great option but even considering the money i've dropped on lights it's outside my personal price range. My goal for 2012 is three full RGB megatrees so it will be an interesting year to see how the various software options stack up
  14. Simcole: If your planning to get into RGB then the cost of a few LOR boxes to run the non-RGB components will be largely immaterial. One factor not often mentioned when thinking about RGB is the sequencing and the sheer amount of time it takes to play around with thousands of channels. This is my second year running over 7500 channels with the number of channels dedicated to non-RGB stuff dropping to around 200 odd this year. Next years plans show at least a doubling of the RGB channels pending money of course. The only thing that scares me in that is being able to actually sequence anything meaningful
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