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    The first year I used LOR to synchronized lights was awesome
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    Like home improvement projects.
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  1. Unless those bushes are all in a row and you plan on doing a chase withy them, you can put all on one channel. I have 6 windows all on 1 channel.
  2. They have started their sale on all Christmas. Now 35% off going up to 50% Dec. 20th Saw these for the first time anywhere. They say full wave waterproof. The led bulb is replaceable, with the plastic colored cover that screws over the bulb. Seems like a nice design. Says made by "Energy Perfect" but upon reading the fine print says "Santasbest" Anyone ever use these? Worth a try? Are all full wave dimmable? Thanks 100 Light C5 LED String Light Set - Blue at Menards http://santasbest.com/index.htm
  3. building 1st mega tree. Will use 1 1/4 for about 15 feet tall. Does it matter if I use galvanized or black pipe? Is one stronger than the other? Thanks.
  4. Got 50 boxes of GE 100 count mini's in red at Hobby Lobby. List price 4.99. 66% off today for 1.70 each.
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