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  1. And I thought it was a BS company, I told GF you gottaa be kidding me ordering from them, Site has not worked in a few years, time for them to upgrade
  2. What kind of poop did you step in anyway, I need to step in some
  3. im going with with http://radiant-holidays.com/ based on price, plus we should receive all items by summer All items made in China anyway, need to fill the tanker anyway
  4. Im going to try http://radiant-holidays.com/radiant_holidays/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=7&zenid=1f0ce169990f922cfe045801bad644cb I use spt2 vs spt1 as extenstion cords
  5. Hope some people scored during the week, I sure didnt I called monday to 1 store like 10 mins after it opened oh still at 70% did not bother calling any other stores for rest of day Tuesday stopped at 1 kmart at 90% but most items sold out, it snowed, travel was bad did not bother going to any others til thursday Nothing left I was interested in Sears still at 70% go figure and run by same idiot they need to hire me so i can make them some money
  6. Happens to everyone just need to have patience, you have 10 months to find more than 1
  7. I was wondering what people use 25 or 35 ct incan mini light strings for. Rewire candy canes that burt out
  8. Great score, I see you continuing where you left off in 2013 750 molds to go
  9. Yes Prices are high even if it was Canadian currenecy, exchange rate is almost on an even money
  10. there are already another thread on same subject type in spt in search box spt1 inline female currently on sale at home depot i will be ordering from radiant-holidays as a preorder
  11. Nice score Ace is weird by me with molds Last season some stores had molds, other none Some stores put molds on sale from 40% to 75% off, some stores sold off their stock, but I did notice they did not really order any additional molds for this year, what did not sell last year , were the only items they offered this year
  12. Never heard that, but I do know that some chains like Rite Aid . walgreens, ace hardware stores, what does not sell after Christmas they box up and either ship back to main distributor center or store it for next year Also One thing i did notice with sears/kmart when I compared to HD, the same set of lights were priced different from the manufactor, ex GE c5 crystal 70 lights in HD was like $12-$13, but sears/kmart sold same for $16-$17
  13. Stopped at HD today by moms house, they were still stocked with clear incan over 120 boxes of 300 clear at $2.50 per box., icicle lights and other various other lights, most led, color and multi were sold out I did stop there on 12/31 and was there when girl was changing prices to 75% off, had store to myself but I bought nothing, did not really need anything
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