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  1. I found this and I really like it too! Thanks for sharing!
  2. I'm going to say it was a very well enjoyed video here! I know she really likes this!
  3. Another day in the woods or walk in the park? be honest, your a natural!
  4. I can only imagine and I don't fully understand! Maybe someday I will catch it all when I get into this. But until then, I love your work! Have a nice day! Tom
  5. what is a recepticle? is that a new device? LOL! Are you sure you didnt make this stuff up!? LOL! The correct spelling is RECEPTACLE! now how can I believe that you didint make th erest of the stuff up! LOL! Just kidding, I know what the code says. And I only can put my 1 cent worth into it! Have a goody one or 2
  6. It's Richard Holdman! Who doesn't like his stuff? Did you see the 1812 Overture on the other page Chuck? It's not Holdman, but a great video and well though out display! I'm not trying to be a jerk but I think it deserves a look! Thanks Chuck! The site looks great! You did a wonderful job!
  7. not too bad for the first year! I was very entertained! go get em!
  8. Don and Tammy, This is the most awesome video yet! I almost breezed by this and decided I owed it to you to watch it anyway. MAN! The only thing your lacking is fire and/or some type of explosion! The stars are awesome and the way things turn all white and explode..... BRAVO! TAKE A BOW! THIS IS POETRY IN MOTION! And I LIKE the patriotic theme! I'm glad I stopped by today! NO MEMBERS should miss this video! One day I plan on doing something like this but I have to get out of this town I'm in right now. Thanks! I'll be watching this again for sure! Do you have any other videos to watch? T
  9. WOW! This is my wife's favorite song! We will be watching this again! They are falling stars, right? Man, you did a great job!
  10. This is a great song and well sequenced! I trust you did the sequencing too?
  11. WOW! Traces is a great song man! This is Spectacular! I love your layout, it's so original! I havent seen anyone do anything like this!
  12. The key word is "TRAINING"! You can go to Lowes and buy a few tools, but your not really an electrician! A trained monkey can replace a ballast! A trained monkey could do your taxes for you too! I can change my oil in my car, but if I need an engine changed...... I had a friend who thought he could do electrical work. He ran the wires, and opened up the panel. Inside the previous monkey ran a ground where it should never have been. He thought if he was holding the side of the box he would be ok! He told his buddy who witnessed the act that! His buddy said he was trying to talk him into callin
  13. Wow! You guys have everything in here! Good job on the power information! But as it was stated above, if you have any doubts, DON'T DO IT! That is how people get killed. Yes, this is serious stuff and by no means a hobby as some say! Just plan on spending some extra money! And always use a licensed electrician! Why? Because in most places you can't renew your license without liability insurance! Well meaning friends know enough to get you in trouble. Sorry, I'm new here and I can not stress this enough! I hope there are others who will agree with me!
  14. Don't get me wrong, but these kind of guys are the worst kind of people out there! There is nothing to changing a few switches and things. But having the knowledge to do it properly and doing it all over the place is another story. That's why it takes a real electrician years to be trained for the trade. But good for him. Have someone with some knowledge come out and do a check with their amp meter. Or find out the wattage of each item. Add all of them together and divide the wattage by the voltage and you will come up with the nominal amperage needed. IE: 1600 watts / 120 volts equals 13.33
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