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  1. If you can find a more inline motor please let me know. The microwave oven motors are the size and shape of 3 clay poker chips stacked. Marrying that to the SM is problematic to say the least. Thanks in advance.
  2. UPDATE - I fiddled around with packaging all that goes into what makes it sparkle. I used a used a microwave oven motor that I had laying around. It's 3 rpm, 120 volt. I used a 4" white PVC drain union and cap for the main housing body. A hole was drilled through the union so the fixed mount nut could protrude through. I used a garden hose washer inside and out and a metal washer to fasten the laser to the union. The microwave oven motor made the whole unit bigger than it should be. It also makes it difficult to zip tie the laser and motor together. If there is a motor that is more in
  3. Update. I decided to take the plunge and pick up a Sparkle Magic. The my thoughts thus far. It's cheaper with apparently the same effects. Bliss Lights (green) are not yet available at my local Home Depot, which seems to be the cheapest place to get them. All three colors are readily available from Sparkle Magic (SM) right now. I really like the idea of the moving or blinking lights effect owners claim they get when shown on trees with wind. Bliss has a light that does this but they list the price at $665.00 (the LS model). The Bliss Light housing seems to have enough metal on it to dr
  4. The Bliss Light website looks as though it is ran out of a garage. Limited links, but at least their product must be selling pretty good. I wanted to buy it at home depot because if I didn't like I could take it back without problems or shipping expenses. They are still out of stock online at HD, so I ordered the SM. I like the idea of the little dots of light blinking but not sure how to create that effect without a tree blowing in the wind. Any ideas?
  5. I am getting the impression from several reviews that the QVC model called "Firefly" is the earlier version of the "Spright". Those reviewers claim that their model (firefly) came with a timer and the newer ones don't. Online photos of the Firefly are different from photos of the Spright. Reviewers also claim that it takes several Sparkle Magics to cover the same area as one Bliss, but they are basing this claim on photos of lit objects that reveal several Sparkle Magics doing so; not a fair comparison. I PM'd hotrods in hopes he may clarify this confusion since he possesses both lights. P
  6. I guess I am sold on the Bliss lights. They are $199 at Home Depot, but they are out of them. Darn.
  7. kansas49er, maybe Dave used lead based paint? Weird thread response...........
  8. http://www.stevespanglerscience.com/instant-snow-powder.html Put down landscape fabric first.
  9. I suppose if one is making just a single cord it wouldn't matter. But if you are making a 100' with multiple male and female plugs running off a single line it may make a difference. I always use the ribbed side/ wide prong as the ground, because lamps, mixers, and other commercially made electrical devices do this. The wide slot in an electrical outlet is normally attached to the white wire.
  10. Does anyone have any input on these laser lights? http://sparklemagic.com/
  11. Sounds like weather proofing would be an issue. Another thing is window height. The VS video is shot showing Santa's upper half body so a convincing amount of window sill height from the ground is necessary to convince and look natural.
  12. My wife came home from a thrift store the other day with a Mr. Christmas Serving Santa. Its a motorized blow mold Santa that one can drive around with a remote control. It didn't have the remote with it and I am looking for one or something that might substitute. Anyone got any ideas? Here is a photo of the Santa with remote I got off the web. Thanks in advance.
  13. The wife came home with a Mr. Christmas Serving Santa from a thrift shop today, and via the net,we learned it needs a remote. Does anyone have one the would like to sell? Is there one can be used as a substitute?? Here's picture I lifted from the web of the Santa and remote.
  14. Anyone got any plans for making about 4' high mini village buildings for a yard display. I was thinking that I could make them somewhat three dimensional by hinging them at their corners so they would be able stand up by themselves. Kind of like placing two playing cards against each other so they stand by themselves. I could use some webbing or heavy material glued or fastened on the inside of their joints to act as hinges. The adjoining or hinged edge would face the street so one could one see the two sides.....anyone?
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