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  1. No one with the same problems?
  2. Hello, I wonder how to make these waterproff-any idea? All these lights from HK came with a controller w/8 diffrent modes how to get them to work in only one mode? Is it simple to make a controller with one funktion and put it in a box there can be more waterproof or take the high voltage inside and only have the low woltage in the garden?
  3. I want a type with 2 ring on the tree not only the one in the bottom.
  4. I dont see anything there.
  5. I have been looking around this forum and can only find a how-to on mini and mega trees with the lights going from the ground to the top direct. If I want a 2. ring i the middle where can I find a dicription to build this? i hope you can understand what I want... :santasmileyitty:
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