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  1. Heads Up Val at Christmas-LEDs.com has her pre sale going on till June 15
  2. Waterford, WI too, neer Burlington WI.
  3. Take a look at WOWLIGHTS.COM they have controllers and premade sequences that may help you get started.
  4. Try Christmas-LEDs.com they had some on there halloween clearance.
  5. Well today I received a box from LED Holiday Lighting which should be my C9 bulbs per Travis email. Well NO, they are spt1 plugs and not the C9 bulbs. I guess I will have to make a few phone calls now. Its bad we have to play games with this guy, just add me to the do not buy list for LED Holiday Lighting!
  6. I also have had very good service from Val too! I Plan to do more shopping with them!
  7. I hope to just get these last items from him, and move on too! I order from them last year with a small order, received everthing. I place some order this and it takes so long to get. Just hope i get the few last items!
  8. I called Pay Pal about my order with LED Holiday Lighting and said they would check on it. The next day I received an Email from Led Holiday Lighting saying that they would ship out my order of C9 purple Led's if I still wanted them or refund my money. I said to ship them as I need them for my display. Also asking if he could ship out the 25 each spt1 male and female plugs order on 2/9/2010 at the same time. I hope he can , we will see!
  9. You may want to look into the Internet Crime Complaint Center at WWW.ic3.gov they may help you.
  10. I placed an order back in febuary too, I received my spt 1 wire but not the spt plugs too! I also received 5MM orange lights I did not order. Still no answers to my phone calls or E-mail .
  11. Has anyone received C9 led, I order back in August and still have not received them. No returns to my phone calls!
  12. The three B's sound good to me. I can also bring some good old apple pie baked in a bag from Wisconsin.
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