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    loving life and want to start Christmas tradition for my children and Grand Kids
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    Just starting one this year have had some small ones with a few lights in the past. Have done quite a bit for Haloween but the kids and the wife want Christmas as well.
  1. Ok Georgia people's lets get out and support our lighting friends. My wife and i and our 21 year old daughter, along with 5 dogs got out this past Saturday and visited several places that were using either LOR systems or something similar and after 5 hours of drivi g I still had a great time. We visited Stone Mountain, Decatur, Lawrenceville and Alpharetta. This coming week we are doing Douglasville , Kennesaw and wherever else we can find. I just started with 16 channels and I am ready for at least 64 lol . Programming is killing me though. So lets get out there and support anyone in the CH
  2. Thanks Dave for that info I will get on that today. Ned
  3. Ok one last question then I will shut up for a while (waiting patiently)..... I was also wondering if I ordered the CTB 16 PC kit, does it come with a basic software kit or does that have to be ordered separately? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks again for all the help woth some of my questions, in advance. Ned
  4. This may not be the correct place to post this but what the heck, lol. I was wondering if anyone knows when LOR starts shipping there orders after there sale. I used the promo code and they said it wold cause a delay but gave no time frame as to when they would ship. Any answers would be great, I also emailed them and havent gotten a reply yet. Thanks to all for any responses.
  5. When I get my main computer back from the shop I can send you a picture I hav. Send me your email. Should have the computer back today or tomorrow


  6. Not sure exactly what your question is, but, I would say if you are installing a new set of lights on the wireframe then you can set the spacing. The best way is to buy new wire clips that hold the lights to the frame and space them accordingly. I have used wire ties and clips, the clips are cheaper, look on some of the other posts for sellers. you can space your lights as close or as far as the wire will allow you to space the lights. You just need to tie up the excess wire if need be. Hope this helps.
  7. Yes I understand the cost of extension cords and have also considered the cost of wiring them at the locations closest to the items where they will be controlling. I just thought it was a great install and a very well done setup. I was wanting to look at hoe the wiring was ran in the boxes to get a better idea of routing all the wiring. Thanks to all who posted.
  8. 2 cents worth, i would say it depends on how many sets of lights you are using as well as the area you are in ( your post doesn't say where you are in the world LOL). This meaning a windy area or not. Some places with a high wind factor IE such as a coastal area or a desert or the plains you might need to go out farther. Yes they are there for swaying purposes but also for safety and stability of what is there, as you may be using a star on top of the tree as well, which will add extra weight and also increase the wind factor.
  9. Last year as I was looking thru the forums I ran across a post of someone who had mounted all of there LOR boxes in there garage and wired them absolutely superb and now I can't find the post....... It was great and I was wondering '''' after all my searching''' if someone could either point me in the direction or repost a link. I have done a search and can't seem to find it but I know this is where it was at. Thanks for all who can help or post....... Happy lighting
  10. I should have posted that in the original post ,go me. They are 30 inches tall.
  11. They do look like they are in good shape a couple of little nicks on one of the faces but other than that they are good. The date on the back has them as 1996 , not sure if that is just for Empire or the actual date they were made....
  12. My wife and daughter and I were at the flea market yesterday and just looking around, with nothing really in mind, but always looking for deals and we ran across these 2 empire blows that were a great deal for $10.00. Me being cheap as I amhttp://forums.planetchristmas.com/images/smilies/biggrin.png said I would give him $8.00 deal of the day for me... Here is a pic [ATTACH=CONFIG]42045[/ATTACH]
  13. I agree with bdeditch, get a good mig welder, one that use's gas. Some wire welders use flux core wire and you can get a good weld but you have to do a lot of chipping like an arch welder, to get the welded area clean. Luckily I have a mig welder at work that I can use with no problem, ( arch welder at the house) but hoping Santa will bring me a MIG,,,, Are you listening Santa hint hint. As far as the wire for the frames, I use 1/4 cold rolled steel, some use hot rolled steel or you can use 3/16. Don't buy your wire from a home store like Home depot or Lowes, it is a fortune. Find a local meta
  14. Thanks for the info, as I have some wireframe 3d deer that are nicked. I will be trying some of that out on them..
  15. Jeff, I just noticed you live in the state I was born in. Wow what a coincidence. I was born in Rapid City and lived there until I was 3 and haven't been back but would love to visit the black hills and such....
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