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    I Love Blowmolds. i have benn Collecting since 2006. i have more than 100 right now. My Favorite woulf have to be my NEW GF Train! And i also selll blowmolds- http://seiter-and-son-blowmolds.webs.com/ We are always getting more to sell.
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    Collecting Blowmolds
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    Selling/buying Molds
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    i have over 100 blowmolds

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  1. there is a union patriotic santa on ebay right now the starting bid is like $40 but the firm price is $80 hope this helps you start to get the union patriotic molds!!!

  2. Hey Jacob i got that train at a Craftstore in lancaster pa.

  3. Wow! Where was this? i want to go! I like the Delux Nativity and the large wispering santa!
  4. Anyone have any of these or know where i can find one? Santa Snowman Stooges SnowLady Lime snowman Sunshine snowman Hollywood Camra Black hat blinking snowman Blue Birthday candle purple b-day candle Pink B-day candle Gold candy cane Blue candy cane Green candy cane with bow Black street lamp Bear with pot Black flicker halloween lamppost Mauve Santa Mauve Angel Griffiths Patriotic Heart Traditional santa Blue leperchan/gnome Garden gnome Red stripe candle Also does anyone have any catalog pictures of these molds?
  5. I Have them, New in the bags. They are 20.00 for a pair
  6. WOW JUSTIN! I LOVE IT! Great job! Your repaints are just AWESOME! I love everything!! Well done!
  7. WHOOOAAA!! GREAT JOB! THAT LOOKS AWESOME!!!! I love the Setup at the front door!
  8. Those Are AWSOME!!! I Want Them Sooo Bad! I LOVE PATRIOTIC MOLDS!
  9. hey I am Jacob key i been here for 2 almost 3 years i hope we can become friends. but i was woundering if u could ask your dad where he got the Santa on train whit tender car? Thanks, Jacob

  10. That looks AWSOME! I Like the Blue and Red Soldiers on the Porch. GREAT JOB.
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