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    2009 was two Gemmi 6 channel controller boxes from Walmart. Random to the music. Could not program. BUT 2010 will be at least 96 channels via Lynx Express.
  1. Hello all. I missed last years meeting due to buying a bakery weeks before last years shin dig. I will be able to attend this year and I will be bringing sweet goodies from Johnnies Sweet Creations bakery. Ron
  2. What about some baked goodies? Cinnamon rolls, Turnovers, Cookies and Rolls? Last year was my first ever mini with you guys. It was like show-and-tell all day long. I had a blast! I intend for the "OKC Area Mini Plus 2011" to be my second! Count me in please. Ron Baker of Goodies
  3. WOW! I had a blast. Thank you all for having me. I learned a lot of cool stuff and had a great time meeting everyone. I did not know Oklahoma had its own little forum. I think I found it though. I will bookmark this area and come back often to see whats going on. Ron Baker of goodies
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