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  1. You would getaway with 6 Channels, it all depends on how you set-up the logo. Geoff (UK)
  2. If you click the link, you will see what I have russeled together in an hour using the Visualizer in the Animating Director software from AL. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=1784452148 With the right imagination and time, you can almost acheive what ever you choose. Geoff (UK)
  3. I have a copy off that song, if you like PM me, and I'd gladly send it over to you. Geoff (UK)
  4. Bunny Im in talks with LOR at the moment, and im setting up a buisness with a partner, which will involve setting up, and installing as well as advising what lights to use with American sycronised kits ect. One of the main issues that puts the uk buyer off is , What electrics, ampage, wiring ect is involved. For the normal Joe Public, they just want something that plugs straight in, and not having to sit around with a calculator, and work out what amps they need. As far as I know, and from experience, there is no one in the uk that supplies this service, and being a qualified electri
  5. A real Reindeer we have down for 2 weekends in December.................A real treat for the kids. Geoff
  6. Hi Martin, Looks great Martin. Did the LOR controller come with the songs pre-loaded, or did you programme it yourself. You have made good use with the good old rope light there. I'll look forward to see what your be adding this year. Regards Geoff
  7. boycie

    Hello Folks

    There you go richard, Ive made it shorter. regards
  8. Ive also a tidy little gadget thats splits each of my existing channels 3 times, giving me a total of 224 channels running off 56 without any ampage drop? I cannot share this info before you ask (without sounding mean), and it is only available here in the uk. Geoff
  9. boycie

    Hello Folks

    Yeah............Thats last years display.
  10. boycie

    Hello Folks

    Id like to be the first to welcome you, here from the uK. Geoff
  11. Hi Linda Have you any photos/Video of your display? Geoff
  12. Hi Darren Been along time........ Have you a video yet of your display? Geoff
  13. Is there any others in the uk?
  14. I new you would agree Daz, as you know, nothing in the world can replace what you are holding in your arms. Geoff.
  15. Generators are ok, but noisy. You should sit down and work out what you are going to spend out on a generator, and ask yourselfit may beworth having a 2nd fuse panel installed instead. To give you an idea, the average house has a 60amp supply installed. Now you will only draw approx 25-30 amps max at any one time (Without your xmas lights), so this gives you approx 35 amps to play with. Looking at your xmasphotos, you are probaly drawing no more than 8-10 amps at the moment. What causes fires are overloads of the socket. What I have done was purchased my self a 2nd fuse socket, and ha
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