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  1. My apologies Brian! So glad to see that you've added the C6 to the lineup. And thanks again for the quick ship of my order.
  2. I purchased from both and have had NO issues with either. To me the lights are identical...You wont go wrong with either! Biggest difference is you can order by the string with HLE, but I dont think he has C6, what he sells is M6 and 5MM
  3. I purchased from both and have had NO issues with either. To me the lights are identical...You wont go wrong with either! Biggest difference is you can order by the string with HLE, but I dont think he has C6, what he sells is M6 and 5MM
  4. As always, great customer service. I can start building stuff as soon as Tuesday! Thanks again
  5. Has this presale began yet? If so, cant find the price/order sheet
  6. She brings up a good point about zip ties, BUT, dont spend that much. Get your networking, cables from: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=105&cp_id=10520&cs_id=1052001&p_id=5755&seq=1&format=2
  7. Joe, welcome! If you look around @ some of the vid's I think you'll be surprised that you can conquer quite a lot with 32CH. We started last year with 48 and that was a lot to bite off as a 1st timer. I wouldn't go so deep this 1st season so you don't frustrate yourself. Start with the 32, video tape them this year, watch them and learn from what you did and what you can do better. Its an eye opener to watch back @ your vid's. I was able to record like 30+ video's and in watching them OVER & OVER, I'm seeing where I could of improved. I also wanted a mega but not for the 1st season, I opted with mini trees and 10ft arches. Those arches are fabulous to watch, they grab everyone's attention. I'm still going to avoid the mega this year, going with whats called firesticks and a robin wheel. Much easier to configure, IMO. The goal will be to add 1 or 2 elements each year. Good luck! Bob
  8. You already have a Mega Tree in the front yard! One that requires no set up or take down Easy roof line to work with as well...I think you can do wonders with it. For the bare spots you can slap some mini trees and OR arches. Endless possibilities
  9. I'm a repeat customer and YES his lights fade perfect with LOR. I can fade them to right around 10% before they go dark. I tested these last season when I purchased over the spring and ran them 7 days a week, fading, shimmering etc. They have also spent the last 60 days outside in the elements on my display, still without issues. They are just as vibrant as day 1. And FYI, I'd go with the M6
  10. His presale prices are better...And from what i read on there way from China already
  11. There local flyer says 50% from 12/26 - 1/1. Guessing on 1/2 they will go larger??? No idea tho I am heading there in about an hour, will see what our stores are doing locally. The 1 walmart thats out in the country here has pallets of lights!
  12. Dont forget Brian too! He runs Holiday Light Express. I did make purchases from him last season, 100% success rate. Beautiful lights and if you want to compare pricing, he's right in line with everyone else. http://www.holiday-light-express.com/
  13. Bob Wingert

    Bad news

    Dont be! I'm 42 and have had 2, just in case! They shaved a small spot of my chest hairs, it was comical, I told the nurse to make a smiley face, which she did. Takes 2 minutes. Always good to have these things checked before you potentially have any issues! Nip it in the bud!
  14. Your lucky I guess they have anything left. I went again this AM after doing some serious damage to them on Sunday, and there was nothing left. The shelves have been taken down and all. And they had a ton left when I arrived Sunday morning. That stuff went quick.
  15. By the looks of things they will be wiped out. Good luck though
  16. while people stood and stared @ what they wanted, i was grabbing cases of LED's. Before anyone knew what him em' I had 2 carts loaded up and heading to the checkout. A lady stops me and says are you really taking all of those?? ummmm, yeah. Snooze and you lose
  17. Bob Wingert


    ZERO selection @ our Lowe's
  18. Hey Brian! Last year I grabbed your 5mm's and love them. If i remember correctly thats the only size bulb you had, correct? If so, will you be doing the M6 and C6 this time? Also, will the prices be comparable to last season? Higher/Lower? Thanks a lot! Bob
  19. They are not listed on website, you have to call. - Scratch that! He is out of Red, has the other colors. Sorry
  20. Paul @ CDI has them on closeout. I bought them last year from him.
  21. Bought mine @ Walmart.com. Lowe's has them instock so does Home Depot. They are the talk of my house. Biggest compliment I get is on those
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