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    Wichita, Ks.
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    I worked for Wichita Public Schools for 33 years and retired. Married with two kids 22 and 20 both in college, boy that isnt cheap. My wife still teaches so i am home with lots of free time.
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    Poker, walking, and Drum Corps
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    I have a fairly large light display for several years, and I discover lor website right before christmas, and think I will try it out in 2010.
  1. Just saw this post, sorry I took so long to answer. Anytime is good for me. I will check back in a week or so to see if anyboby else answers. I got a feeling everyboby is taking a break, not me I have been busy planning on adding alot. Mel
  2. Any updates, have lots of people signrd up.
  3. By the way Lyman have you tried to contact the two fellows in Hutch. Also has anyone contacted Biscuit?
  4. I sent Eric a PM have not hear from him yet. I since two PM to the two new fellows on Lightorama forums,I do know if that is eage or not, heard back from one of them this morning wanting more information. I should no more this week. As soon as know I will let you know. Mel
  5. I will be there. Matt sorry you can't make it maybe some day but I understand going to school makes it hard. eagle5 I wanted to ask are you and your brother listed in Lightorama forums as tjflory and dburson , that was the two new members in Wichita I noticed in the forums. If you are I sent you a PM through Lightorama . See you all there. Mel
  6. The 7th would be great. So we all meet at Steve's. I am sure he will get back on here and list his address and directions. eagle5 if you get a email from through LOR it is because I am not sure which new member you are there are two . Steve tell me we are are on and I will start trying to contact everybody else.
  7. April 7th would be great, I like to meet at Steve's if that's OK with everybody. If we can do it then I will try and get ahold of the two or three new people and Eric.
  8. Lyman I would be up for it. I noticed on lightorama forums there are two new Wichita members. I would try to get ahold of them.
  9. Yes they are CCR. I really like them, there is so much you can do with them. I am planning on buying 6 more for next year. I am also planning on useing some "dumb" strip next year.
  10. I posted this early. Melttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQLWj3dioRI&feature=colike
  11. Well it has been a week or so since I have heard from any of you. So how is it going? I have had a few problems. Rain kept blowing breaker on two different night and knock off a couple of my controllers. Then last Friday 12-9-11 my MP3 player quit working. Of course I didn't know this until the show didn't start. So I am out in the dark with a flashlight and computer trying to solve the problem I finally give up, so no show on a Friday night. But I have everything up and running . Steve, I hope you got all of your problem solved,. I came by and it look great, of course you know if something n
  12. Davester how is 99.7 working out. That is what I used until tonight. In front of my house I might get my music or a voice singing in Spainish. I guess we have a new Spainish speaking station in town. Had to change my transmitter and signs.
  13. Going to make the rounds tonight I hope, here's a video of this year.
  14. Finally done 100% today. I will get by to see everyone's, maybe this weekend. Everyone have a great time. Mel
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