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    i am 16 years old
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    have a 1952 chevy ratrod
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    started out by dad and then i started to help him. then i began to take it over, he still helps me. Fourth year computerized. have 96 channels and counting.
  1. I do 4 strands per channel per color on my tree. This creates pie wedges. I would stay away from the 12-6 configuration because this limits the amount of possibilities you can do with the tree. The number of strings depends on the base width in my opinion. The wider the base the further spread out the stings will end up being once they reach the base. I like a taller skinner tree than a tall wide tree. So I would use a small radius base, maybe <10'. But that is me.
  2. This year my lor scheduler seems to have an issue. After each night the shows disable themselves. This even happens if there is a show scheduled for the next day. But if i re-enable the show the scheduled show will play and then the show player will disable again afterward. Does anyone know of a fix for this? \ thanks, ratroder
  3. You can come see mine it is up and running, pm if you want my address. There are a few that I know of around I would have to look up their addresses.
  4. What does someone do that has a lot of sheep and support for samsung with leds? They do what these people did.
  5. It depends on how many pieces you have in your chase line I have found. But for me I have 14 tress in mine. I have found that if I turn on number 1,2 then 3 and finish 1 fade by the time 3 comes on it look pretty good. So number 1 is fading down from being on until tree 3 comes on. You also might want to try adding fade ups at the beginning of the tree turning in too.
  6. Just started this week.

  7. i have in fact done so started work on my 142 light display. have you started on your show yet?

  8. Start working on your display yet?

  9. ratroder


    I agree with what has been stated. I have learned to stick, mig, and tig. Tig will give you the nicest welds but mig is the easiest to learn. I personally like to Tig more due to the outcome of the weld quality. It leaves a nice finish and not much if any finish work is required.
  10. Lol. Me personally I would have said that you have elves switch the switches for you. You have them going up to that point then you drop that and they get that you are kidding.
  11. I agree the prices are a bit high.
  12. It could work and it does. But the features are limited and the quality isn't the best.
  13. I use iteleport to control my lights on my iPad. It is a vnc software that allows you to control your pc and see what is on your monitor as well (or morioka monitors at once). This works very well.
  14. Clarification. I am looking for 40 red and 40 white 100 count incandescent mini lights. Ratroder.
  15. I am looking for around 40 white and red 100 count minis. Thanks, Ratroder
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