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  1. Ive upgraded my PC to a i7 3.4ghz 16gb system running LSP and about 5000 channels, the main reason for this was more to improve sequencing as working with 5000 channels at a time was a bit slow on my old 3ghz dual core. With most software the demands become more as features and usage increase so by adding your video to a 1536 channel grid would add demand, what will also add to the demand is how many timing marks you are using, so if you created a video and are trying to get 50ms refresh rate then that is 1200 timing marks over 1526 channels so that equates to 1843200 individual effects that need to be stored into memory and processed, so its no wonder why close timing marks and 1000s of channels greatly add to the load
  2. I am using the CCR controller with 6803 modules, so im not even using strip with these controller and they have been working great. The strip you are using i have not used before but the wiki at www.auschrismaslighting.com shows this strip to have these connections Take note the the reference to O should mean output and the I should mean input. But i still dont trust this as i have strip here where the O is the input and the I is the output. I always go with the pixel orientation, which is LED - IC - LED - LED +12V Red Di Data Green Ci Clock Blue St 0V White Li Now as far as 6803 chips there does seem to be some differences between them as i have some 6803 strip that then connects to some modules, when these were used with a TP3244 pixel controller i got some strange results on the modules. By changing the controller this fixed the issue and using the CCR controller also worked, but it did highlight that therev are some differences here. I also have some strip that when connected to the CCR strip didnt seem to work but it did work if the CCR strip was connected first Hope that helps you
  3. I think that there are other places that have a wealth of information on RGB lighting and this is where many of the more experienced guys prefer to be at. I personnaly prefer www.auschristmaslighting.com when it comes to RGB lighting as many of the guys are already doing their second year with RGB and there is a large amount of info at this forum. Still i always troll PC and answer any questions that are in regards to RGB but more times than not ill point them to www.auschristmaslighting.com as thats where the best info is contained. There are other forums that also deal with RGB like DIYC and DLA
  4. The use of security lights, a video camera (even a dummy camera will work for this purpose) and a sign stating 24 hour video surveillance placed in a very obvious place will deter most from entering your property
  5. I think your lack of understanding and the fact that you have left your run late to get this all sorted out has maybe confused you (we have all been there). there are many different types of lights and controllers available, but to put it simply this would be what you would require Computer with E1.31 supported software to (Cat5 cable) ECG-DR4 4 port DMX controller or a DMX dongle to (cat5 cable) DMX controllers/dimmer packs, anything that accepts the DMX signal (note if you use dmx par can lights or any other DMX/Light combination then this is a light and DMX controller in 1 so you dont need anything else) to (cable) Lights As far as the lights are concerned and the injection of power this will be determined by the type of lights you will be using. I have an introduction to RGB lighting presentation and there are also a series of videos that may help you understand a bit more here http://auschristmasl...pic,1208.0.html But these are for RGB lighting and not for the traditional LEDs that you would buy from the store. Dont be too ambitious at this time of the year as the majority who do this have been planning and learning for a while now and for you it seems there will be some learning still required so you dont want to take on too much and fail. Plan for big next year.
  6. If your learning about DMX lighting then take a look here http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/topic,1211.0.html But basically you need a DMX dongle, either an DMX open or Pro compatable dongle of for the best value a ECG-DR4 which is a 4 DMX universe E1.31 to DMX bridge (but your software must be able to support E1.31 like vixen or Lightshow Pro) Latency wont be an issue, some of us guys are putting on displays with 12+ DMX universes As far as software If you are going to DMX then there is Lightshow Pro (which i Use) and then there is Vixen (which is free) As far as 3 pin and 5 pin XLR plugs and sockets the same 3 pins are used, pin 4 and 5 is not used for our application so its just a matter of making an adaptor. Anyway lots of info over at www.auschristmaslighting.com
  7. Unfortunatly every street has at least one, they are negative about everything that they get a chance to be negative about and get enjoyment from conflict. These are the people you should not care about as they will always find something to create conflict. So enjoy your lights and listen to the positives and watch the joy you bring to many and dont let the few grinches get you down.
  8. You can use cat5 for running low voltage LEDs but be aware that the spec for cat5 is 1amp of current per core anything higher may cause issues.
  9. to work out the voltage you need to do Ohms law and to do that then you need the other 2 factors and that is current and resistance (or you can use power) so either use Volts = Current x resistance or Volts = power (watts) / current but you may not have all that info you need so you may have to do some guess work and hope the figures match up closely
  10. If the IC in the strip is using the 6803 chip then yes, im using a few of my LOR CCR controllers with the 6803 IC modules more info over at www.auschristmaslighting.com
  11. My advice for this year is if you want RGB then go the CCR just to play with as it can be added to your display with minimal effort. If your wanting cheaper options then the DIY path is much cheaper ($68 for a CCR similar type strip) but requires a deeper undersatnding of the systems and some hands on work. But i wouldnt be taking on the DIY path this year as you havent left enough time to gain the understanding (there are many options in DIY) and be able to order and then tests all your gear before show time. The great thing about the CCR (and other LOR controllers) is that you can use it in a DMX universe next year if you decide to take on a more DIY orientated display for 2012. So buying the CCRs will cost you a lot more than DIY but it will give you a lot less heart ache and with time so close, DIY is not the best way to go if your just learning about RGB and pixel control, save yourself for 2012 and the one of the best places to learn about RGB lighting is www.auschristamslighting.com so feel free to come over and the guys will be more the willing to help you on your journey. As far as using a CCR or the long anticipated CCBs it realy goes down to opinion, i personally prefer the strip as it gives you the best value of cost per LED compared to strings and it has more of a rope light appearance and is awsome for outlining. but then thats just my opinion.
  12. The show length is really determined by the effort your willing to put in and the amount of traffic you have. For me i have a 6 1/2 minute with a 1 minute intro on a loop as i get about 250-300 cars in a 1.5 hour period so i need to focus on keeping the traffic moving. last year was just 2 songs but this year is a different approach and is a mix of 10 songs in the 6 1/2 minutes so at least this way i am able to show off many different sequencing effects and keep the sequence exciting the whole way through.
  13. Thats why i love using low volatge DC lighting, none of the worries of tripping CBs and its safe to run during the rain
  14. There are a few options for RGB lighting, last year i started fresh and converted all my lights to RGB, i already had 8 CCRs and this year im using the CCR conntrollers with RGB 6803 modules. There are cheaper option than the CCR if your wanting to take the extra time to learn Take a look at www.auschristmaslighting.com many members have already gone down the RGB path last year and the forum has a strong focus on RGB lighting. The same CCR tree can be built for under $1000 using other alternatives
  15. I wonder how many will accept their invitation. Christmas time is usually filled with tradition, many people make it the one time of the year to catch up with family and freinds with many travelling or having a traditional Christmas eve dinner. I think the people having the wedding didnt think much past the novelty of having a wedding on Christmas eve and forgot all about what the guests would normally do at this time of the year.
  16. You may want to download these presentation that ive used for a couple of the Australian minis, they may help you guys understand a bit further Introduction to RGB Lighting Introduction to E1.31 Running LOR controllers in DMX Hope that helps a bit more
  17. The Australian Mini has come and gone with great success and now its Sydneys turn to have their mini so this is a call to all those interested to put their names down if they wish to attend. This is a fantastic day and is w2ell worth just to come for the meet and greet. So please visit the below link to put your name down if your interested http://forums.auschristmaslighting.com/index.php/topic,679.msg5083.html#msg5083
  18. The Australian mini will recommence at 9am eastern Australian time so as of from the time of this post it will commence in just over an hour or so and should run most of the day. The stream worked well yesterday and sound issues have all been sorted out that was had in yesterdays morning session. Join in the chat and ask questions by visiting the AusChristmasLighting Forum Chat You will have to join as a ACL member to be able to join in the chat room
  19. The Australian mini is live now on the web stream Go make a quick account and then enjoy. On Today and Tomorrow http://www.ustream.tv/channel/MelbourneMINI
  20. For all low voltage DC lighting and control the only difference is the supply power (Australia = 240vac and USA = 110 Volts)to your DC power supplies other than that the systems are identical. The E680 controller in this thread is a E1.31 to pixel output which does not need the DMX protocol bridge as it converts the E1.31 data to control various types of pixels, so due to the fact that E1.31 is DMX over ethernet you can then configure different DMX universes for the outputs of this controller to directly control the lights/pixels from a E1.31 data stream. I also believe you may have mixed me up with the original poster as he is the one that has the web site on the E680 controller, im just trying to fill in some gaps for you Edit: Looks like we both answered you at the same time
  21. E1.31 is DMX over ethernet so this is a E1.31 controller, the DMX universes are broken down in the firmware/setup for each output
  22. Do you plan on releasing a ready made version or is this only offered in the DIY version?
  23. These may be of interest for you A 30 watt RGB flood light: http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/701799/209863523-438326746/30W-RGB-flood-light-with-IR-remote-controller-AC100-240V-input.html Or if your just looking for a white LED Flood then the 50 watt model in white will be plenty bright: http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/701799/209863523-317442886/led-flood-light-50W-cool-white-285mm-235mm-beam-angle-30degree-4000lm-AC85-260V-input-IP65.html If you take a look you will find many other types of flood lights available from the same vendor both in RGB and white.
  24. I would have thought rope light would work well for that
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