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  1. So when are we going to get to see how these look? I might actually be interested in getting them, depending on how they look with lights added to them, providing they do get lights added.
  2. Beautiful work. Now if only someone would do something like that where I live! Would be a beautiful addition to anyone's display!
  3. That hook may have been put there to either tie the Shepard to a ground stake or to a wall. I have open hooks screwed into my blow molds too. I use eye hooks in the walls of my home and then mounted my blow molds to the side of the house. I'll try and post a photo of how my 2013 Halloween blow molds are mounted to my house. The attached photo doesn't really show the hooks or how they are mounted. But you can see they are mounted to the wall, up off the ground near the roof line of my house. So that's why I think the hook is there on the Shepard's head, since I did pretty much the same with my blow molds in the photo. And I'm still running the extension cords for all these blow molds too, that's why they aren't all connected up yet. I really need to get outside and finish running their power cords to the controllers .
  4. Yep, must have been working on it. Just checked it out from both links and all working fine now as of 7:06pm EST or are we in EDT? I can never remember! LOL. Just bought a new storage shed and was thinking of moving my controllers inside it since it was already set up with power outlets and interior lighting. So your pics gave me a little food for thought on how I may go about doing this too.
  5. Tried to check out your site, but I keep getting a page can't be displayed error for some odd reason. Did a search and clicked on the site from the search engine and got the same thing again. Hoping maybe your site server is down for maintenance or something and I can check it out a bit later. Will try again later to see if I still get the same issue. Using Windows 7 and it gives me an option to diagnose the page and verify my network connection is good, which everything comes back all is okay, but still got the Page can't be displayed. Tried clearing my cache and even a reboot of the computer, still get the same results. So just hoping it's only a temporary server issue due to maintenance.
  6. Thanks Mike, we definitely won't be there. We finally had to make that very difficult and hard, heart breaking decision to put Timone; our 18.5 year old cat to sleep today; Wed. 3/13/2013 at 13:30 hours he was gone from this world. Found out he had some other serious issues, and the new vet we took him to tried so hard for a couple of days to bring him back, it just wasn't to be. Found out Timone had Heart Cancer and some other issues that just couldn't be corrected. So I can say we definitely won't be there.. Orville & Marcia
  7. Sadly we won't be able to make it. Unfortunately we have a very sick cat and may have to put him down soon. We're watching him closely over the weekend, he was just seen by his vet on Friday morning 2/8, but unfortunately she is home very ill herself. So Monday we're to call her to let her know how Timone {the cat} is doing. He would be 19 years old in November, so he is an old cat. As much as it may pain me to put him down, it may be best for him. He has gotten vert lethargic, bad arthritis in his rear legs and back, which makes it difficult for him to walk, if he manages to get up on something we usually have to pick him up to put him on the floor. So if I have to do this, neither my wife or I are going to feel like doing much of anything for a bit. Below you'll find a photo of Timone.
  8. Actually it isn't the L.E.D. that gets hot, it's the circuitry that drives it. Depending on the L.E.D. and it's voltage/amperage requirements, the circuitry to drive it can get quite intense, so that's why the heatsink. I have never felt an L.E.D. get hot unless you drive it with too much current. then it either gets nice and toasty, but usually will go POP and let the magic smoke out of it. And that particular magic smoke that comes from L.E.D.'s is not very pleasant at all. The original L.E.D. nightlights I bought when they first came out, their circuitry was so hot to the touch I took them back to the store for a refund, newer circuitry in the latest ones, if built properly are much cooler and may get barely warm, but they should never generate so much heat they could leave a burn mark on your finger or skin. But a projector usually requires more current to drive it, especially if using some of these newer high power, high lumen L.E.D.'s, that's why projectors usually have cooling fans on them to exhaust that heat from the old incandescent bulbs that use them, and for L.E.D. based, they're used to vent the heat from the driving circuitry. Now back to the topic: I may try and see how well I may be able to create something with my version of CrazyTalk for projection, but know I am probably going to have to run it through my more sophisticated video editing software to really tweak it out so that it would look at least somewhat decent, and of course, spend quite a lot of time on it to get it at least to some close proximity of looking good.
  9. Thanks for the tip Calvin. I've actually been looking at e-bay from time to time, have gotten some great deals on things there many times. I'm actually wanting, if possible to find a projector that uses LED technology, since the LED bulb wouldn't generate heat or require the current most standard projector bulbs do. Definitely trying to plan on being at the 2013 Florida Mini this year. Will know more closer to the end of this month {Feb.} or by around 2nd week of March to be able to definitely commit to being there!
  10. Thanks disney-fan-reborn! Now when I finally decide to take that plunge and get a projector, I'll more than likely be looking for your animations to buy. Still trying to decide what type projector and how much I'm actually willing to spend on one for doing this. Am comsidering it for my 2013 Halloween and possibly Christmas display. BTW: what do you charge for creating a custom singing projection from a song or songs that the end user may want? I cut many of my songs down to a shorter length, so that's why I ask, since the projection would have to fit the edited music I use in my displays. Music that I've been using for the last 3 years, but always adding and editing more each year. You can reply here or PM with details. Thanks!
  11. Sounds like a reasonable idea to me fasteddy. And I like it. But I'll bet if the same person that crapped on my idea sees it, may come back with laughing at you and saying that since it's so cold the blanket will freeze to the door panel or something like that, so now the OP will have to find a way to remove the blanket, then the panel. Personally if you're blowing HEATED air or USING HEAT in a cold climate, I don't see how that could not work as long as you're close enough to warm/heat the object in small areas, remove and work around it. Yes, it would take some time, but if you don't want to damage the item, wouldn't you want to take the time to remove it without damage? As opposed to trying to pull it down too fast and destroy it? I think either method has merit and both may actually work. But then, I suppose that just isn't rational thinking, right?
  12. Thank you Baron14, at least you understood the point that it was a suggestion, and nothing more, just something to at least possibly try to help the OP with their situation. Which seems to have flown completely past the other repsonders head, which they never offered any type of solution to the OP's situation. All I could make of their responses was ridicule to someone who was trying to help a fellow decorator out, which wasn't productive to this thread at all. If the OP ever happens to try it, and it would just happen to work, I guess someone will end up eating some crow, as the saying goes. But it's posts like that one and ones that follow suit in the same mentallity that are actually putting me into going into just lurking on any of these type forums, and just not offering any kind of help publicly, but I would offer help or suggestions to folks, but it would only be through a PM and not out where anyone could read it or benefit from it, if it may have applied to their situation or worked. I lurked for a while for quite some time in the past and only PM'd folks I knew had appreciated any help or ideas I posted, or the brand new folks on the forums that were getting some of the same kind of junk I was, which actually ran many a new person off those forums, never to return. p.s. sorry the thread got hijacked like this, but it's really sad to see people have to post such responses when folks are trying to help someone out and noone had given any other ideas or suggestions at the time.
  13. Sorry but I am NOT thin skinned despite what folks think. I am just tired of folks putting down or making fun of folks on these forums when they offer a simple suggestion, or try to help when someone asks for advice or suggestions as to what to try that might help them with their issue at hand. Sorry, but your original post was not only insulting to my response, but I find it offensive when one tries to help another person out and gets laughed at because they may not live within the same climate as they do, but just trying to offer some suggestion as to what to try within those boundaries. This post is not thin skinned, it is nothing more than a response for trying to help someone and the post could be taken as "ridicule" to the person trying to help the OP, which does not help the OP's situation at all. And just makes everyone look foolish.
  14. Been wrapping my cat5 and extension cords like in that video for years now. Occasionally, I'll do the over the elbow method, but as soon as I catch myself doing that, usually after a few loops, I redo it like in the video posted here. Makes it so much easier to run withoutr tangles or kinks in your cat5 or cords!
  15. BTW: great work on your projected pumpkins disney-fan-reborn! Have a question for ya, how do you keep folks from getting between the projector and the objects you're going to animate with a projector? Been considering getting a projector for doing some stuff like that for my Halloween display, so was wondering how you folks keep people from interupting or blocking the projected image? Thanks!
  16. Have CrazyTalk and it's a fun program, I have an older FREE version, but disney-fan-reborn is correct, it only works very well if using voice recordings only, if trying to use a song to sync the words, many times the musical track will add or have effects go off, have unwated mouth movements, where as the mouth is opening and closing, but not to words, but an instrument in the song. So it really is not at all well suited for creating projections with a musical background at the same time. And I doubt you will find many songs sung by the actual artist WITHOUT a musical background/soundtrack, and removing the muisc and just keeping the vocals would not even be worth the time and efforts that would be required in doing so, if it could even be done at all. Just know I have played around with Crazy Talk thinking it may have been good for something like that, the only way I found it to work with music is this and this may not be exact as newer versions of Crazy talk will probably differ in my okl FREE version: locate an instrumental of the music - no vocals anywhere in the music {may have to be converted to a WAV as they work best for this sort of thing} narrate your Crazy Talk characters speech, story or sing the song yourself, {hope you have a good acapella voice, you'll need it!} into the music editor as a vocal only wav file OUTSIDE of the Crazy Talk Software. Load Crazy Talk, import your vocal/singing only WAV file - Save the Crazy Talk creation. Load Music Editor and merge the two WAV files, the instrumental music and your vocal/singing WAV file, you may have to UNDO and make changes until your WAV {if singing} matches with the instrumental. Once you have it done, save as an MP3 file. Open Crazy Talk and load your previous creation, import the MP3 file {note the original WAV file is still intact}, play the Crazy Talk animation and see how it looks and sounds, if everything matches up, save it and you're good to go for use as a projector animation. Like said, this would take a LOT and I mean a LOT of work, I've played around with it for hours and still was never really satisfied with the end result. Personally, I think purchasing projections in this case from a known Halloween or Christmas site that has professionally done videos would be the better option and alternative to creating your own in Crazy Talk or by someone you know has created and sold videos to others and can vouch for the work they've done.
  17. No I have not. However, just because I have not lived in colder climates, we do at times get below freezing temps in Florida, fortunately we have not had any recently. And the OP was asking for suggestions and that is all I was giving. So if it won't work in your climate, whose to say it won't work elsewhere. Again, it was nothing more than a suggestion. And nowhere did I say it would definitely work in my reply, re-read it, I said, and I quote: "if I lived in a colder climate where this could occur, this is what I would try to take the decor/door panel down without any, or the least amount of damage." And I also said "with any luck", insuating that it may not work, but if you don't try it, you don't know. You're not heating up the entire panel at once, only small areas that the blow dryer would be able to cover and remove slowly. It may work, but maybe it might require the higher setting, I have no way to test it because I don't live in an area that gets down to subzero temps, so it was just a suggestion, nothing more, nothing less. Folks always want to laugh or insult folks before they bother to read the entire post or just don't get the point that it was only a suggestion because someone was asking what they might be able to try to accomplish a task.
  18. Next time try using an old hair blow dryer on the low setting. And take down the area you heat up lightly first. That should, with any luck, keep the door panel from cracking in the colder climates. I don't have those issues, but if I lived in a colder climate where this could occur, this is what I would try to take the decor/door panel down without any, or the least amount of damage.
  19. Our other event that was on this date got changed to a different date. Depending on our current funds at the time, the wife and I will try and make this if possible. All depends on wether some checks get here early enough. So it is only a possibly for us at the moment. Just in case we can make it to the Florida Mini the names will be: Orville & Marcia Fugitte. Will have to let you know a little closer to the event.
  20. Interesting. As I've never seen incan strands with locking tabs, and that's why I added that the ones I've purchased, including some in 2012 didn't have them. So I was unaware if there were any that actually did have a locking tab. Now I know there are, apparently the Big Box and Discount/Closeout stores haven't sold them with the locking tab, or at least not that I've seen in my area. And considering the cost difference for locking vs unlocking, when I only pay $1.50-$3.50 per strand for non locking, I'll stick with the cheaper versions where I get more light strands for my money.
  21. Orville, Incan strings DO NOT have locking tabs. At least none of the strings I have or have ever purchased, including some from last year never had them. What I will do is take a silver sharpie and mark both the socket and the bulb holder with a vertical line on the + {Anode} side of the LED. Since incan bulb holders can be inserted most often either direction. So as I change out each incan bulb to an LED, I will mark the bulb holder as I will be using the same sockets and bulb holders, just removing the incan bulb and replacing it with the LED color I want to use. I won't be starting this anytime soon though. Got to see how many bulbs are on each strand I am converting and then acquire the LED color for each strand. Most of the wire frames will be cool white, but have others that I am also considering. So it's currently in the thought stages and depending on cost to convert as opposed to just buying new will determine wether I continue with this project. But I needed the info so I could determine which would be more cost effective for me to do. The wire frames I may do since those strands already have the clip built onto the socket to hold them to the wire frame, so depending on the cost conversion, may or may not convert them. But once I know what the total costs involved will be for the conversion, may opt to leave as is, convert or look into new strings and just zip tie them to the wire frame items. Once I know everything and have it all figured out, I'll post what, if anything, I intend to do on the conversion process.
  22. I think the hardest ones will be the ones I have to remove from my 4 wire frame deer. I know those are going to be biggest pain to do. LOL
  23. Thanks for the pdf Steve. That tells me everything I need to know to do the conversion. And I already have reels of those same resistors and diodes listed in the pdf file. So now I've got to do some calculating and start converting my old incans to LED's. Thanks again! Much appreciated!
  24. Okay, I am thinking of converting my incan strands to Full Wave and was wondering if this will work, can I just add a full wave bridge rectifer after the male plug to do this, this is the FWBR I am considering using: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2062583 Which is rated at 400V 8amps. Is that all I need to add or is there more I need to add to the FWBR to make this work? I will be using the converted incan to LED strands with LOR controllers {GEN2/V2 and 1 V1 board}, using fades, shimmers, etc. I have been out of touch with the electronics field since I retired from it some time ago, and don't want to create a fire hazard or anything detrimental. So asking here how you folks that may have converted your old incan strands to Full Wave LED strands. Thanks for the info in advance.
  25. I agree with more is not always better. I had to downsize my display from it's previous 2 years due to moving to a manufactured home which has a very small yard and almost no front area to speak of. I still maintain 80 channels, which is what I started my first show with in 2010 {Halloween}. And this year in 2012, I didn't use all 80, but somewhere around 60-62 channels, although channels from all 5 controllers were used due to location placement,, some controllers had 3-4 or more channels open on them, one had the entire bank of 8 channels: 9-16 open. Will I use those channels next year in 2013? Possibly, then again, maybe not. It all really depends on how I opt to set the display up next year, and determine as to how many channels I'll use. 2013's displays are already in the planning stages. Sure I'd like to add another controller or two for more channels for larger expansion, but for now, I don't see a real need for me to do it, and the 5 controllers/80 channels I have are more than sufficient for my purposes, so instead I try and improve my existing sequences to make them even better than they are. And that is more of the direction I am heading because I don't want an overdone display, then the sequencing just not up to par because I had or have far too many elements to deal with, Adding in at a later time in my opinion for a larger display in my case would be better, and to keep my current display not as it is, but allow it to grow until such time I would need to add another controller to handle the extra lights, props or whatever I opt to bring to the display. So I can understand Dougs point of view on many aspects, and on some of them I fully agree.
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