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  1. i was really looking forward to the feb sales BUT.... i logged on 2 hrs after the sales started and they were all sold out all ready i thought it would sell out in a week but 2hrs wow anyways just have to wait to summer sales and hopefully there still at good prices. does anyone know any rough prices for the summer sale ?
  2. hi all this is my first year of computer animated display (2010) i have been reseaching for the past year on how build things like a meaga tree. i am planning on having 48 channels (which i am buying in the feb sales) but i seem to be running out of channels way 2 fast im planning for a mega tree 10' tall and 6' wide but i dont no how many channels 2 incorporate and how many strands im also planning for 3 little leaping arches about 4' high i was thinking only 4 channels per arch to save channels but will it still give the same affect ? i have 1 million more questions but i will slowly work them out before this christmas many thanks ryan
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