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    Waynesboro, VA
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    I love christmas lights and ever sense i found light 0 rama i wanted to make a display so hopefully this christmas it will happen
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    now working on all the christmas displays, i like riding four wheeler and doing things around the house and playing with my kids
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    shipping & receiving supervisor
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    I have a display but its not computerized yet, my house looks like a ginger bread house with mulit colors outlining it, and candy canes lining the sidewalk, and two light up trees with light up presents.
  1. JLowman

    New to PC

    I just want to thank everyone for there post and welcoming me. Thanks
  2. JLowman

    New to PC

    LOL, I might live in virginia but my roots are in Tennessee, Thanks for the welcome
  3. JLowman

    New to PC

    I just want to say Hello to all. I have enjoyed reading all of ya'll threads that are very interesting stuff and very awsome. I put up lights every year and love doing it very much and to see my kids faces when i turn them on, but when I saw a video of the computerized displays i had to do one of my own, I have read some very helpfull infomation. thanks
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