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    I work to light my neighborhood. My goal is to make my block brighter at night than at day.
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    Golf, lights
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    I try a little of everything in the hopes it all works together.
  1. Thanks for rubbing it in. It would be best if my wife doesn't see this thread. Just got her to believe $50 a mold is a good price.
  2. In a related note someone just stole 45 blowmolds from me. You can return them now and I forget anything happened.... Great haul today, I never find anything like that but I do live close to a Menards. I guess you have to be happy with what you have available to you.
  3. CRAZY? Maybe, best thing to do is send your lights to me. I've already given up on normal.
  4. I know this is an old topic but yesterday I went to Lowe's, just to see. They had one 14 foot santa on 75% off. Price came to $62. I told my wife we had to have it but she thought it was too much money. I bought in anyways (sofa last night), this morning I showed her this thread and I am out of trouble today. Thanks for the help you didn't know you were giving me. Can't wait to add the new santa to my display next year.
  5. I bought one at Menard's (around $22), already fixed 4 strings that I would have otherwise thrown away. Best 20 dollars spent in my entire display.
  6. I think I understand now, if not I will pm you if okay? I'm going to make the measurements up as I go, I only have six deer this year. (bought all the local menards had, hoping for a day trip to another) I would love to see pics of it on the roof at night. If you can no hurry, just think it is going to look amazing.
  7. I love that idea. Thinking of stealing uh I mean borrowing that idea. Any chance you can give a close up of the wood to blowmold connection technique so I can see it better? Also, I too have a new roof so I was thinking of going to the local carpet store and buying up whatever carpet remnent they have left over and covering the bottom of the frame. That way the weight of the 2x4 does not come into direct contact with my shingles. Just a thought, and once again awesome job.
  8. Bought mine at Menards last Sunday, fixed 3 strands already. Good buy for $22.
  9. Must go to Menards.....Buy more molds......Make wife mad
  10. Uh....If this is the guy who sees me when I'm sleeping and knows when I'm awake then I'm really going to rethink the fun of the Christmas season. Getting rid of my chimney tomorrow.
  11. I believe it is a Gen Foam Santa and deer, they are the ones that appear to be flying.
  12. I purchased the santa in sleigh with one reindeer from Menards this year. I have two reindeer but would like to get more. If anyone has any they would like to get rid of please let me know. I have a nice size yard in which I know they will be happy.
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