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    I have many hobbies so I share myself around them all.
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    Boating, antique and toy outboards, licensed soccer coach, camping, WW Rafting, golf, woodworking,
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    176 channels of LOR, 21' MegaTree, outdoor audio, mixer/compander system with FM broadcast, separate garage sub-panel, adding GFI outlets on the roof and co-locating more controllers (Closer to the effects) for 2010. My house made the front pages of two local newspapers. The newspapers videographer did a video news segment on me and it made the Yahoo home page for about 12 hours. I was amazed. We averaged well over 100 cars per hour for the entire month of December and 200 cars per hour for several days before and after Christmas.
  1. For some reason I can't edit my previous post. I guess it timed out .. I wanted to comment that the whole picture is not displaying on my previous post. But if you click on the picture, it opens up to see the whole Santa Band ..
  2. I modified my santa band for sequencing. All the wires are the small SPT-1, but I was able to separate them all by splicing each wire and adding an SPT-1 male and female. The female side is towards the controller and the male side to the bulbs inside. I also upgraded the C7s inside this past year to the to the full wave rectified Warm White LED dimmable replacement bulbs. Pic attached. The first year I used several channels on the santa band, but this last year I just made a cable with a bunch of females on it so I could combine all the lights inside to one LOR channel. It works great
  3. Randy, I would like to buy: Qty (4) - Target Green minis on green wire 100ct - $2.25 ea. incl US shipping Qty (4) - Target Blue minis on green wire 50ct - $1.50 ea. incl US shipping Qty (2) - Target Red minis on green wire 50ct - $1.50 ea. incl US shipping Qty (40) - Target Clear minis on green wire 100ct - $2.25 ea. incl US shipping $108 total. I can send via Paypal. Please confirm that you have them. I have tried to send you a PM twice. They don't go anywhere but I don't know why.
  4. I will be there. I appreciate all your hard work to organize this meeting !
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