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  1. Another type of connector that you can use is Anderson Power Pole. You can assemble these into bundles to keep all the connections correct. I have not used these yet in my display but have used them in the past with high load applications. The other nice thing is there are different color insulator cases that can be used to keep everything easy. here is the link to what I am referring to http://www.andersonpower.com/products/standard-powerpole.html Just thought I would throw another option out there to consider.
  2. The reason that Travis charges less is that he has his favorite customers and does not deliver the lights that were ordered from the rest of us. That adds up to your discount is coming from my pocket. Sorry for getting so nasty about this here but what he has done to many of us here is completely and totally wrong.
  3. Just as a heads up, out of the failed strings this year I actually had one come back to life after I had it back in the house. The real test is in the cold outdoors under stress. Some of these strings might actually fail from the cold and start to work again when they are warmed up inside. Just chiming in with my 2 cents
  4. I also received the same email from Travis. I too am one that is still waiting for lights that were ordered. After filing with the BBB, he replied with a a resolution that only covered half of what I was still owed. The BBB has now closed the case as unresolved. I am now proceeding with cc disputes. The problem that I see with how he is doing the warranty is concerning, especially when he still owes lights to people. With the wording he can actually claim that there is nothing wrong with the lights when he receives them even though they are defective. When there are those of us still waiting for our orders, how can we trust Travis with being honest with his warranty. I, myself, am claiming the defective lights with the cc dispute. This is the only way I can see any resolution with dealing with him.
  5. I have found the only way to get anything from this company is to file complaints with your credit companies. It is a true shame that there are those out there that will do anything to try and take away from the joy that our hobby brings us and those who enjoy watching what we do.
  6. Another night and more failed green leds from Led Holiday lights. As for the ones that I got from CDI, they are all doing great. B_Regal78, how well do those lights from HC perform with LOR? I am out of extra strings replacing the failed ones and need to get more ASAP somewhere if I want to keep lights lit.
  7. Paul, since you saved me I will be back for more.
  8. Hope this is not a trend, night 3 and had half a string of green from the same place fail. Replacements are I guess out of the question from them since they never sent me everything that I ordered and had to start the dispute process.
  9. Lighting up in Lansdale, not far from "The Inflatable Guy"
  10. Personally I would use them all if you can get them sequenced. At least get the ones done that you want then work on the others an add them during the season as they are finished if you do not get them done before you go "Live". Just my thought.
  11. Hopefully I will be ready. My first year computerizing and can not wait to see what Lansdale thinks of it.
  12. I have also been given the cold shoulder from Travis with many attempts to just get an update. The only update that I got, and it was very partial, was after I trashed him hard on FB, he posts there a lot. Since I could no longer wait I ordered what I needed to start with from Paul. Received my order fast and am grateful to his service. I just wish that I had ordered from him in the first place.
  13. I got tired of trying to contact him through his site and other email address. Finally I trashed him on FB and got a response, but not about everything I am still missing. I was advised that net lights will not be sent until sometime in November. What about the other items I am waiting for? Does Travis think we are ordering this stuff for 2011?
  14. Multiple messages sent through his site, messages posted on his wall on FB with nasty replies about sending questions through the site and deletion of post, even a message sent to his seasonal impressions address, all with no response. Finally after getting tired of not getting a response, I bashed him again on FB about not getting answers. Finally got a response stating "I answer all questions". HUH? I thought doing something was actually doing it that made it true, not just claiming you do. I actually did get a short message on Oct 7 stating that my order was shipping that day or the next. Here it is Oct 22 and also in his short message he stated that the net lights will not be in until after Halloween. First I am told that items are shipping and now I am told they have not come in yet? The problem I have with all this is I do not like being ignored or lied to, and Travis has done both to me and I know to others. I know problems arise, but to keep quiet and make everyone wonder what is going on is total irresponsibility. Then to lie about shipping items, I do not want to go there on how I feel. Also to not ship items that are supposedly in stock, again I will not go there. In the end, I hope that Travis makes good with everyone and we can all enjoy the rest of the year.
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