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  1. Hoyt: That's $12 for a BOX of 25 bulbs. But then, I don't have 25 Rudolphs either. <grin>
  2. Sounds like I need to invest in some Kleen stripper. And an elbow implant. Spooh - from the picture of Dracula you posted, I'd never have guessed it was blotched. I love the repaint - red is right for the cape! I'm just not looking forward to stripping my Drac BM. As far as TPI, I'll be stripping at least one of three drummer boys (man, that just sounds WRONG) before Xmas. Just gotta find the time . . . Thanks all for all the info.
  3. Yes, Joe. That is good information. Everything except the part about the new General Foam molds -- I have Dracula, a witch and Frankenstein, all of which are gonna get stripped (if not this year, then before next year for sure). And you just verified what I feared when I looked at them. Still, armed with a method that works, I at least know it's doable without killing myself. This is good, since I was considering doing just that about half way through the skeleton. Thanks much!
  4. Wow. My first mold stripping project a few weeks ago was on your basic snowman with top hat and candy cane. Spray a little CitriStrip, wait 10 minutes, scrub some and hose 'er down. Today was different. I have one of those caped skeletons with the top hat and cat head on a cane (no markings whatsoever, but based on what I read in another thread, it MUST be the dreaded Empire paint). I have spent the better part of today stripping it. And CitriStrip wouldn't touch it. Used Homer Formby's paint stripper. Tried a scrub brush - only got the big stuff, and then not all the way to the plastic. T
  5. Thanks, Carrie. I haven't stripped the drummer boy yet (um . . . that sounded bad). But when I do, I have a new plan for repainting! I wondered about the top coat. Had even picked up a can of Krylon protectant today. Preciate the input. The primer I am referring to is "Valspar Plastic Primer," available at Lowes. It is totally clear (yeah, I know . . . when I think primer, I think thick and opaque), for interior and exterior use, is designed to bond well with plastic, and appears to be an adhesion promoter. I may give it a try on a small project, or try it if a have a problem with any
  6. Thanks Carrie and Judd. Yep, I am not so worried about the resale value as I don't intend to sell them (at least not the ones I want to change). It's great to hear I am not alone. (Ya know, I'll bet I could make that drummer boy's uniform look like my high school band uniform . . . hmmmm.) Carrie, I don't have much airbrush experience, and the unit I have isn't all that great. But it sounds like something I might want to work on. Those who airbrush make it look so darned easy. If I use the Createx transparent, do you recommend using a primer for plastic (e.g., Valspar Plastic Primer)? And
  7. More than glad you got them, Shawn. My plans don't include the 4th until next year, and your display looks great with 'em. Cray
  8. Perfect answer, Shawn! Fusion Buttercream looked like it might be OK, but it was hard to tell from the computer image. After a little deeper research, it also looks like Createx transparent Peach might go well, to. Just put a little plastic primer on. And, yes, resale value is not necessarily something I am really worried about, but there are purists out there (and, I'm sure, on here.) Thanks much for the reply. Cray BTW, I'm a little envious of your drummer boy acquisition. That is really cool!
  9. OK, so I've spent the last couple of months collecting some blowmolds. I've picked up quite a few (but nothing on the level that Shawn has been on - LOL). Now planning some repainting. Picked up several cans of Fusion. But still new to the blowmold thing. One discovery I've made is that you really shouldn't put the paint on thick (even though I used light coats) . . . it tends to build up, then chips much more easily. Two questions: 1) What are the opinions regarding repainting in non-original colors? (I probably just opened a big can a worms.) There are a couple of molds that I would
  10. OUCH! So you're the one who "Bought it Now!" I saw those the other morning, but didn't have time right then to pull out the card. Looks like I shoulda . . . but then YOU wouldn't have them. And they look so good with your house in the other post. Not, to worry . . . I still picked up one from another seller. Congrats on a fine purchase. Cray
  11. Thanks for remembering me, Jason. Actually I had planned to go, but looks like I won't make it this year (work obligations). So I'll add it to my list for next year. Of course the real reason I won't go is that I won't be able to win the big door prize. I am sure Teresa already has that one all locked up! I sure don't know how she does it, but I wish she would teach it to Ruth. (Man, these smileys are sure hard to make out.) On a different note, I am anxiously awaiting my LED bulbs from Corey. Having to wait til August for the shipments is a killin' me! Oh well, it's all for good
  12. Cray Augsburg


    Thanks to Bob, Mira, Chuck and all the others. This was my first opportunity to meet with a group of Christmas lighting enthusiasts. I learned quite a bit, and I was able to see things in person that I was otherwise only able to read about. The farm was beautiful, the food was great and the camraderie was just what I needed. I look forward to attending again, as well as attending other similar functions. Cray P.S. i hope the beans didn't cause too great a disturbance during the night!
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